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T H E Y SE RV E D W I T H HONOR : V I E T N A M NOWINAHARDCOVERBOOK “They Served With Honor: Vietnam,” is a limited edition, highquality, 350-page hardcover book with dust cover, printed in the USA. The book is a collection of 104 Wyoming Vietnam veterans’ profiles representing every corner of the state and every branch of the military. Together they present a story of dramatic service to country and community and offer new insights into important elements of Wyoming’s history. “They Served With Honor: Vietnam” books are available for purchase at the Casper Star-Tribune or Wind City Books in Casper, or by mail. Call 307-266-0537 or mail the coupon to the They Served With Honor, Casper Star-Tribune, PO Box 80 Casper, WY 82602 I would like to purchase ______ “They Served With Honor: Vietnam,” hardcover books at $39.95 plus tax and shipping. Name: ________________________________________________________ Address ________________________________ City, State, Zip: _______________ Telephone_____________ Email: Check ___ CC number ___ Credit card ___ Books x $39.95 = $______ .___ __________________________________ ________________________________ Tax @ 5% $______ .___ Shipping @$9.50 $______ .___ TOTAL $______ .___

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