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BoBBy Wolff-THE ACES oN BRIDGE “For evil news rides post, while good news baits.” -- John Milton Today’s deal comes from the Common Game, which allows identical deals to be played all over the U.S. at roughly the same time, thus allowing large numbers of players to compare how well or badly they have done with the same cards. This deal is a declarer play problem in four spades that features a small point of judgment as opposed to system. You reach four spades here after a two no-trump opener when North uses Stayman rather than a transfer. Yes, either route would have led to the same contract, but the point is: Do you really want to play a 5-3 spade fit here as North? I’d say no, but if you transfer, that is surely what you will achieve. Anyway, South must plan the play in four spades on the lead of the heart queen. The key here is to duck the opening lead, to try to keep East off lead, then win the second heart and draw trumps by playing the ace and king, hoping they split 2-2. But even when they do not, you can improve on the simple chance of the diamond finesse by stripping off the clubs and playing a third heart. When, as here, East began with the doubleton heart king, West will be thrown in with the heart, either to give you a ruff-sluff or to play diamonds for you by leading away from his king. And, of course, if East ruffs his partner’s winner to lead diamonds, he is combining his side’s winners on the same trick, so the contract will still come home. ANSWER: You could make a sensible case for bidding one no-trump here to try to make it more difficult for the opponents to compete. On the other hand, if they do bid two of a major, will you or your partner know whether to bid on to three diamonds? This is a strong argument for raising to two diamonds at once, and letting partner raise if the opponents compete in a major. © 2018 UNITED FEATURE SYNDICATE, INC. DISTRIBUTED BY ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION FOR UFS, 1130 Walnut St., Kansas City, MO 64106; 800-255-6734 CRoSSWoRD

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