Details for NC Commissioners - Ad from 2017-12-02

MINUTES II. APPRoVAL oF BILLS – $2,435,313.61: 12-24 CLUB INC$2836.37; A&I / ST oF Wy ENT TECH$40.24; ABC LEGAL SERVICES INC$340.00; The regular meeting of the Board of ADVANCED THERMAL County Commissioners was brought SoLUTIoNS$515.18; AG to order at 5:36 p.m. by Chairman DEPT$9496.11; AIRGAS USA Lawson. Those in attendance LLC$106.94; ALCoHoL&DRUG were Commissioner Rob Hendry, TESTING,INC.$1486.76; ALL AREA Commissioner Matt Keating, PRoCESS SERVICE$800.00; ALL Commissioner Forrest Chadwick, Commissioner Paul Bertoglio, Interim oUT FIRE$40.00; ALSCo$103.98; AMEC FoSTER WHEELER EN County Attorney Charmaine Reed, VIRoNMENT&INFRASTRU County Clerk Renea Vitto and CTURE$1179.50; AMERICAN Commissioners’ Assistant Michelle ASSoCIATIoN oF PoLICE Maines. PoLyGRAPHISTS,INC.$125.00; Consent Agenda: AMERICAN HoRTICULTURAL Commissioner Bertoglio moved for SoCIETy$35.00; AMERICAN approval of the Consent Agenda. MEDICAL BRoKERS$5624.04; Commissioner Hendry seconded the AMERIGAS - 5221$2256.19; motion. Motion carried. ASSESSoR$45430.98; ATLAS Public Hearing: oFFICE PRoDUCTS$3855.41; A. PS17-4 AXIS FoRENSIC Jason Gutierrez, Planning Director ToXICoLoGy,INC.$540.00; reported this is a request by JBL B&B RUBBER STAMP SHoP Limited Partnership, represented by LLC$79.95; BAR NUNN,ToWN Bill England, for approval of JBL Business Park, consisting of 1.83 acres oF$1152.94; BENNETT,THoMAS L MD$10684.74; BEST in the Planned Unit Development FRIENDS ANIMAL HEALTH (PUD) Zoning District. The legal CENTER$52.00; BI INC$371.80; description is Lot 12 of Salt Creek BIG D oIL$647.68; BLACK HILLS Heights Business Center Phase; more ENERGy$1814.71; BLoEDoRN generally addressed as 1627 English LUMBER - CASPER$342.30; BoB Ave. BARKER CoMPANy INC$1495.05; Chairman Lawson opened the public BRoWN,JACQUELINE hearing. K$5342.05; CALIFoRNIA STATE Speaking in favor: Bill England DISBURSEMENT$378.00; representing JLB Limited (Casper) CALL2TEST LLC$114.38; CAPITAL Speaking in opposition: none BUSINESS SySTEMS INC$1353.08; Chairman Lawson closed the public CASPER ALCoVA IRRIGATIoN hearing. DIST$520.00; CASPER AREA Commissioner Hendry moved for CHAMBER CoMMERCE$75.00; approval of the Major Subdivision CASPER CoLLEGE HoUSE incorporating finding of facts. oFFICE$1800.00; CASPER Commissioner Keating seconded the CoNTRACToR’S SUPPLy motion. Motion carried. INC$1284.06; CASPER FIRE Public Comments: Chairman Lawson opened the floor to EXTINGUISHER$97.50; CASPER- NATRoNA CNTy Public Comments. HEALTH$48995.00; CASPER Robert Shellard Sr. (Casper), Robert Shellard Jr. (Casper) and Don Pavack STAR TRIBUNE/CASPER$2377.70; CASPER TIRE LLC$1235.00; (Casper) Hearing no further comments the floor CASTEEL II,RoBERT S$5350.00; CENTRAL WyoMING was closed. URoLoGICAL ASSoCIATES Commissioner Comments: Chairman Lawson opened the floor to PC$698.00; CENTURyLINK BUSINESS SERVICES$1258.19; Commissioner Comments. CENTURyLINK/ Hearing no comments the floor was SEATTLE$4660.00; CHARLES D closed. JoNES Co INC$189.07; CHARTER Adjournment: CoMMUNICATIoNS$208.59; There being no further business CHAVIS, TRICIA$50.00; CHILD to come before the Board of SUPPoRT ENFoRC$50483.72; Commissioners, Chairman Lawson CIRCUIT CoURT oF THE adjourned the meeting at 6:11 p.m. SEVENTH$519.67; CITy BoARD oF NATRoNA CoUNTy oF CASPER$5582.57; CoMMISSIoNERS CIVIL ENGINEERING John Lawson, Chairman PRoFESSIoNALS,INC.$3355.00; ATTEST: CLERK oF CoURT/ NATRoNA CoUNTy CLERK ADMIN$42521.47; CLERK oF Renea Vitto DISTRICT CoURT$6503.34; CoNSENT AGENDA CLERK/ADMIN$59092.31; CMS I. APPRoVAL oF CoMMUNICATIoNS INC$122.96; oCToBER 17, 2017 MEETING BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS MINUTES OF PROCEEDINGS November 7, 2017 CoASTAL CHEMICAL Co LLC$1456.17; CoCA-CoLA BoTTLING CoMPANy$80.85; CoMM/ADMIN$12991.65; CoMM/ CoUNTy ATToRNEy$13346.67; CoMM/CoUNTy DEVELoPMENT$31824.61; CoMM/ MAINT.SALARIES$19002.73; CoMMUNICATIoN TECHNoLoGIES INC$824.00; CoMTRoNIX$573.00; CoRoNER$16350.85; CoTToN,TIMoTHy C PC$6946.34; CoWBoy CHEMICAL,INC.$1930.55; CRUM ELECTRIC SUPPLy Co$135.36; DECKER AUTo GLASS$333.82; DEX MEDIA$13.00; DIAMoND VoGEL PAINT CENTER-CASPER$1303.36; DoyLE,ToM$206.76; DRUG CoURT$20583.01; EIDE BAILLy LLP$87.50; EMERGENCy MEDICAL PHySICIANS$743.00; EXTENDATA$67.36; FASTENAL CoMPANy$43.24; FEDERAL EXPRESS CoRP/PALATINE$39.89; FERGUSoN ENT INC #109$94.15; FIRST INTERSTATE BANK$260.96; FooD SERVICES oF AMERICA$4767.48; GCR TIRES&SERVICE$1108.72; GEoTEC INDUSTRIAL SUPPLy$45.00; GooD, DENNIS$2500.00; GRAINGER$1477.90; GW MECHANICAL INC$715.12; HARDEN,CHAD E$5341.00; HENSLEy BATTERy LLC$220.32; HIGH PLAINS CoNSTRUCTIoN INC$63315.54; HIGH PLAINS PoWER INC$400.28; HILL, EILEEN$48.00; HILToN GARDEN INN$372.00; HooD’S EQUIPMENT$1556.99; HoWARD SUPPLy Co LLC$22.75; IAC&ME$100.00; INFoR TECH$37872.39; INSIGHT PUBLIC SECToR INC$26184.16; INSTACARE CENTER oF CASPER INC$85.00; INTERSTATE ALL BATTERy CENTER$221.90; JACK’S TRUCK&EQUIPMENT$135.96; JoHNSoN CoNTRoLS,INC.$24720.00; KIESTER, JILL$1724.34; KIMBALL MIDWEST$427.63; LETZ’S TV&APPLIANCE$66.50; LITHIA MoToRS/CASPER$1361.89; LITTLE AMERICACHEyENNE$267.00; M.A.D. TRANSPoRTATIoN$750.00; MARTINEZ,NICK$200.00; MCMURRy READy MIX$59228.32; METTLER ToLEDo$131.71; MIDWEST HoSE&SPECIALTy INC$87.86; MIDWEST MEDICAL SUPPLy$342.50; MIQUELLE’S CoNSULTING,INC.$212.50; MoUNTAIN STATES LITHoGRAPHING$293.84; NAPA AUTo PARTS$1084.35; NC EMPLoyEE$298128.43; NC TREASURER$349396.16; NEWCoMER FUNERAL HoME&CREMAToRy$2000.00; NMS LABS/NATIoNAL MEDICAL SERVICES$916.00; NoRCo,INC, SLC,UT$134.94; oUTPATIENT RADIoLoGy,LLC$943.00; PLANSoURCE NGE,INC.$1613.75; PoCKET PRESS,INC.$449.50; PoST AND ASSoCIATES$1200.00; PoWDER RIVER SHREDDERS LLC$256.00; PRINTER PRoS$380.00; PRoCESS SERVICE oF WyoMING INC$2438.19; PURVIS INDUSTRIES,LTD$160.61; R&B/ADMIN$66013.36; R&B/LAKE$16092.36; R&B/ PARKS DEPT$9201.05; R&B/ VEHICLE SERVICE$15521.78; REDWooD ToXICoLoGy LABoRAToRy$254.95; RoCKy MoUNTAIN PoWER$3667.54; RoSE BRoS. INC.$566.64; SAFETyKLEEN SySTEMS INC$361.80; SAM’S CLUB/SyNCHRoNy BANK$403.28; SECRETARy oF STATE$60.00; SHAMRoCK FooDS CoMPANy$7585.02; SHERIFF/ADMIN$283438.82; SHERIFF/CoURTHoUSE SECURITy$63824.99; SHERIFF/ EMERG MANAG$23315.45; SHERIFF/JDC$3984.66; SHERIFF/ NEW JAIL$402553.74; SHIRK’S ENTERPRISES$1074.00; SKI AREA MANAGEMENT$65.00; SoURCE oFFICE&TECHNoLoGy $1976.19; SToTZ EQUIPMENT$77.18; SUMMIT ELECTRIC LLC$3178.65; SUTHERLANDS$405.49; THE MASTER’S ToUCH LLC$6120.72; THoMSoN REUTERS - WEST$581.19; TLC CLEANING$23500.00; TREASURER$45521.00; TUMA,GEN$322.07; TWo WAy RADIo SERVICES INC$185.00; VERIZoN WIRELESS/DALLAS$1675.98; WACERS/Wy ASSN CNTy ENGINEERS&RoAD SUPT$25.00; WAGNER’S oUTDooR oUTFITTERS$89.44; WAL-MART CoMMUNITy$43.57; WEAR PARTS INC$20.95; WELLS FARGo BANK NA$67452.30; WESTERN STATES FIRE PRoTECTIoN/ RAPID CITy$551.00; WESTERN WyoMING LoCK&SAFE$52.00; WHITE’S MARINE CENTER$81.56; WILLIAMS,PRISCILLA$10.50; WLC ENGINEERING$10848.13; WoNDER WASH LLC$9.00; WooD,CINDy ATTNy AT LAW$5389.65; WoRTHINGT oN,LENHART&CARPENT ER,$36.25; WWQ&PCA$90.00; Wy CHILD SUPPoRT STATE DISBURSEMENT UNIT$1010.00; WyDoT-FINANCIAL SVCS$2663.66; WyoMING ASSoC CNTy AG AGENTS$250.00; WyoMING CLERKS oF DISTRICT$150.00; WyoMING CoNFERENCE oF BUILDING oFFICIALS$650.00; WyoMING oRAL &$1300.00; WyoMING WoMEN IN AG$25.00; yoUTH CRISIS CENTER INC$2773.80 III. CoNTRACTS, AGREEMENTS, RESoLUTIoNS A. Agreement between NC & HBR, LLC – Removal of Gravel from lands owned by HBR B. Alcova Reservoir Trailer Lot Lease – IB3M, LLC C. Agreement with NC Sheriff , Town of Bar Nunn – Police Protection D. Contract for Professional Services between NC & WLC Engineering – Professional Mapping & GIS Services for the Continuation of Establishment of 32 County Roads E. Contract Regarding Nordic Trail Passes between NC, Wy and Crazy Pedaler Bike & Hike, LLC. F. Contract Regarding Nordic Trail Passes between NC, Wy and BLS Superstars LLC dba: Zeelo’s Cranks & Planks G. Contract Regarding Nordic Trail Passes between NC, Wy and Wy Mountain Sports, Inc. H. Contract Regarding Nordic Trail Passes between NC, Wy and Wy and 42º North, LLC. I. Resolution 39-17 Application for County Support for Improvement and Service Districts (East Henrie Roadway-$14,000.00 (50/50 match)) J. MoU by and between WMC & NC BoCC (504 South Washington ST. Casper: E1/2 of Lots 23 and 24, in Block 66, Sheridan Heights Addition to the City of Casper, NC, Wy according to the Plat recorded September 13, 1012, Block 12 of Deeds, Page 38) IV. STATEMENT oF EARNINGS ToTALING $126,909.02: County Clerk $103,758.00; Planning $7,908.66; Clerk of Court $15,242.36 IV. PETITIoN AND AFFIDAVIT FoR CANCELLATIoN oF TAXES ToTALING $31,969.58: 2017 KANELoS,JAMES P TRUSTEES$2248.74; 2017 No NAME$0.00; 2017 SPARGUR,CLINToN D$898.12; 2017 PLATTE RIVER TRAILS TRUST$564.02; 2017 PLATTE RIVER TRAILS TRUST$631.72; 2017 WILSoN,LARRy V JR$2015.04; 2017 D&D LIQUoRS INC$114.29; 2017 WING,RoBIN$85.07; 2017 MC CRACKEN,WILLIAM G$218.67; 2017 FLyING SEVEN oNE LLC$826.02; 2017 FLyING SEVEN oNE LLC$863.79; 2017 BLAIR,CLARENCE$152.21; 2017 FISHER,DoRoTHy ANN$331.49; 2017 BLAIR,CLARENCE$51.46; 2017 GEISE,GLENN R TRUSTEE$341.62; 2017 PALKESH HoSPITALITy INVESTMENT($3351.56); 2017 FRISBy,RICHARD($218.67); 2017 DUCKWoRTH,HARRy CoLE($218.67); 2017 DoUBLE S SHEEP Co($6404.54); 2017 DoUBLE S SHEEP Co($6404.54); 2017 CARRELL,CLIFFoRD M($1413.81); 2017 CARRELL,CLIFFoRD M($1413.81); 2017 FRICK,DAVID$160.02; 2017 KISSLER,RoXIE M$247.17; 2017 LATTEA,PATRICK E$243.07; 2017 SUSAN LEIGH BISHoP REV TRST$2303.44; 2017 RIVERSIDE RENTALS LLC$300.23; 2017 RICHARD,DANIEL L$260.53; 2017 HILL,DALE$309.31; 2017 BURDICK,CoNNIE$265.16; 2017 RIVERSIDE RENTALS LLC$176.42; 2017 CHERyL A SAyDJARI LIV TRUST$5641.46; 2017 CAREy,ELLISoN MILLER$1488.49; 2017 RISLoV,CHRIS$326.63; 2017 MADISoN,WARREN LLE TRUSTEE$332.25; 2017 CRAPo,ERNEST$265.16; 2017 CIMBUREK,MARK S$183.17; 2017 DAyToN,RICHARD E$293.08; 2017 DAyToN,RICHARD E$166.13; 2017 DENNIS&BRENDA FoRD LIV TRUST($203.67); 2017 DoUBLE S SHEEP Co$1008.44; 2017 IDEMoBILE LLC$1990.60; 2017 IDE-PETRoLEUM LLC$1873.62; 2017 MARTINEZ,RoBERT TRoy($25.66); 2017 EDDy,BRUCE$255.74; 2017 CoLLINS,RoBIN A$305.46; 2017 HAND,RoBERT J$152.14; 2017 CATHERINE MAASS&GARy MAASS REV TST$199.57; 2017 SEPARATE LLC$217.86; 2017 PIKE,KEITH A$275.67; 2017 CoRSoN,GENE D$225.59; 2017 GREER,JoHN$6226.33; 2017 BARELLE,DAVID$2148.99; 2017 BARELLE,DAVID$1687.61; 2017 CASPER AREA CHAMBER oF CoMMERCE$245.71; 2017 STEVENSoN,RoBERT D TRUSTEES$673.70; 2017 RoADRUNNER LLC$1480.61; 2017 CTRAN LLC$7020.91; 2017 GRoSS,KENNETH M SR$186.77; 2017 FENSTER,RICHARD J$233.88; 2017 RoBERTS,VICKI$1384.28; 2017 HENDERSoN,JoyCE$23.22; 2017 HENDERSoN,JoyCE$167.69; 2017 MILLER,LILLIAN E$61.17; 2017 PALMER,MICHELLE K$758.02; 2017 SUTHERLAND,TIMoTHy L$218.67; 2013 SLITH,JAMES E JR$74.57; 2014 SMITH,JAMES E JR$74.57; 2015 SMITH,JAMES E JR$74.57; 2016 SMITH,JAMES E JR$74.57 Published: December 1, 2017 Legal No: 33788

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