A fast-casual Asian fusion restaurant is preparing to open its doors in east Casper.

Owner Mo Hembree said the quick-service restaurant, DSAS2, is about two weeks from opening at 441 Landmark Drive. The finishing touches are being put on the southeast suite of the NERD building and chefs have begun prepping the kitchen.

“It’s actually a mini-Dsasumo,” Hembree said, referring to the Thai bistro on First Street just west of downtown Casper of which she is a co-owner.

Mo and Donna Hembree are expanding their Dsasumo business with DSAS2.

The new restaurant should seat 50 and will feature a limited menu. Items available will include noodle and pad Thai dishes, some chicken and veggie offerings and a “fully-functioning” sushi bar. Hembree said the sushi will focus on maki rolls that can be made fast and could also include weekly specials.

Patrons will also be able to get beer, wine and possibly sake.

Although intended to provide food quickly, DSAS2 will still serve food made from scratch, with everything from sauces to sushi made in-house. Hembree said the only pre-made food will be dessert cakes.

“Just because we’re fast food, we’re not going to compromise and bring in pre-cut veggies or pre-cut anything,” she said.

The restaurant will have bamboo deco like Dsasumo but that’s about where the similarities end. Hembree said the new place will be full of stainless steel with a concrete floor. Light boxes made of rice paper on wood frames hang from a high ceiling.

“The light boxes are so big, they couldn’t bring them in to any door in the building,” Hembree said. “They had to take a window out.”

Stateline No. 7 designed the interior and exterior of the building, and River Valley Builders did the construction for DSAS2.

Hembree said the plan to expand began over a year ago. At the request of customers, she considered an eastside location but wanted a different atmosphere so Dsasumo customers would not be divided between the locations.

“It’s different,” she said. “I don’t think there’s anything like it in the whole United States.”

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