WHEATLAND — Basin Electric Power Cooperative is investing $350 million at Laramie River Station in a project to reduce regional haze in accordance with an agreement Basin entered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

“We want to be proactive,” David Cummings, Basin Electric environmental coordinator at Laramie River Station, said.

Basin Electric is building selective catalytic reduction and selective non-catalytic reduction emission control technologies into the plant, or SCR and SNCR.

Myron Singleton, Laramie River Station plant superintendent, explained the SCR is essentially a catalytic converter for the power plant. He compared SNCR to the pollution control mechanism in diesel engines.

SCR and SNCR remove nitrous oxide compounds, which are the primary ingredients of smog and are byproducts from burning coal.

Singleton estimated SNCR will be operational by December, and SCR should be online by July 2019.

Brief contributed by the Wyoming News Exchange.