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Episode 2: Can Wyoming's Powder River Basin rival the Bakken

Oil and gas operators say the Powder River Basin could blow up like the Bakken, even at current oil prices. But, a common conflict in Wyoming could slow that down: federal regs. Some want the state to take more control or for more compromise with the feds. Others are concerned about what a boom in the PRB could mean for the environment or local communities. Either way the Powder is getting attention. Energy reporter Heather Richards talks to a local landman, Jarred Kubat, about why the PRB is sparking so much interest and what's at stake for industry. 

Episode 1: How a new Wyoming research center could guide coal's future

The coal market has changed drastically since plans were laid for the Wyoming Integrated Test Center. Now that the carbon capture research facility is about to open its doors, energy reporter Heather Richards checks in with Jason Begger, director of the state infrastructure authority, about how the project can help shape the future of coal.

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