CHEYENNE — Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead, along with former Gov. Dave Freudenthal and former U.S. Sen. Alan Simpson, attended the University of Wyoming Foundation’s winter board meeting in Dallas, Texas.

Mead said Monday the trip allowed him and university officials to thank energy companies that contributed a combined $11 million to the university.

It also was an opportunity to thank all the UW alumni living in Texas for their support and confidence in the university.

Mead said his focus was the contribution of the Energy, Engineering, STEM Integration Task Force and the work members are doing for the benefit of the university and Wyoming students.

“Many of the members of the task force were in attendance and I was glad to recognize their contribution in planning a Tier 1 College of Engineering at UW,” Mead said.

Freudenthal is chairman of the task force. The task force’s goal is to raise $115 million to transform the university’s engineering college.

In addition, the university announced in early February a $2.5 million grant from Exxon Mobil to provide laboratory equipment to support the university’s science and technology education programs, including research into technologies that improve the production of oil and gas, according to a UW release.

The university matches the donations from a challenge fund.

The engineering college effort is the largest single project undertaken in university history, university officials said.

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11m = 1/4 a convention center, 11m= 1/2 a library, 11m= how many roads and briges, 11m = how many dinners for the homeless, how much does this money sucking education system get? billions, but yet cost continue to go up to students, or place them in debt for years after. when there are artistic implessions done they are destroyed. " are the kids smarter? NOT. they are endocrinated into the NEW WORLD ORDER. or are these companys paving the way for future pardons? for bad deeds? wake up wyoming, your on the menu...


So I wonder if Al and Dave caught a free ride on WYO one with Matt??

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