The Wyoming Public Lands Coalition has elected Dennis Sun as its chairman and Wyoming director of the Public Lands Council.

Sun has been involved in the livestock business since his grandmother gave him a cow and calf at 5 years old. He has ranched all his life west and southwest of Casper with his wife, Peggy. They have two grown children.

Sun is also publisher of the Wyoming Livestock Roundup and has served on various federal lands boards and boards in land conservation, range conflict resolution, livestock, church, health care and ag education and local school education. His family has lived in Wyoming since the 1870s.

Sun will replace Niels Hansen, who ranches near Rawlins.

Hansen will continue to serve as Wyoming’s representative to the Public Lands Council’s Sage Grouse Task Force.

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Cody Coyote

In the 21st century , it is a deficit of wisdom to appoint a rancher to be director of a public lands coalition.

The livestock industry has not been kind to public lands. In fact , cattle and sheep have done far more harm than good to public lands. Not only that , but livestock interests have been given incredible subsidies, tax breaks, and other incentives allowing ranchers to use public lands for graze and water while costing the Public ( read: taxpayers) vast sums. Ranching becomes the Dominant Use of those lands, and all other uses arrayed under the so-called Multiple Use concept get in line behind the cattle and sheep. Wildlife go to the very back of the line in too many cases. Finally , ranchers have a hidebound notion that when they have those public land allotments, they become de facto private property.

With this appointment, we can truely say that the Sun rises in the West . That ain't right....


Amen to that. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Big Jake

Ah, Sun, a name rich in Wyoming in the lynching of Ella Watson (aka, Cattle Kate).


This is a "in name only "position- worthless title- worthless coalition


Clearly you guys don't know Dennis Sun very well. Yes he comes from a ranching family and defends ranching and public lands use. He also understands the importance of wildlife , and proper use of both public and private lands in this the state. He had one of the first Coordinated Resource Management Plans in the state on his ranch and it was very successful. Those plans involve public and private land management and wildlife. He has served on various committees and task forces and is willing to do what is best for the land the wildlife everyone involved. Unlike Cody Coyote who only wants extreme enviromentalist point of view with no compromise hide bound mentality that all ranching is bad for wildlife and the enviroment.


I agree 110% with pappy. In the early 1990s, I represented wild horses on the Sun Ranch Stewardship Committee. It was a Coordinated Resource Management (CRM) team that was instigated by Dennis Sun and his family, along with the University of Wyoming's Range Management Department... one of the first of its kind in the nation... and it was successful. I felt I was heard, and we all worked together to improve the environment and the Sun Ranch, to benefit every segment represented... wild horses, wildlife, riparian areas, fisheries, range and animal productivity, et cetera. I found Dennis to be a committed, effective, and balanced individual with unexcelled public relations skills. Give this good man a break.

For the Wyoming Public Lands Coalition to elect Dennis Sun as its chairman and the Public Lands Council to embrace him as its director was a wise move. I write as an avid environmentalist and agriculturalist, who believes that sitting on a rock eating lunch with people from diverse backgrounds can lead to better understandings and outcomes for the land, as well as its four-legged and two-legged inhabitants.

Congratulations, Dennis!


So I guess you don't embrace multiple use?? Including motorized recreation ....

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