LINGLE — The Lingle Town Council passed a motion during its meeting Wednesday to begin accepting credit cards for payment of bills to the city. Residents who choose this option will pay a $7.50 convenience fee.

The town plans to use, which requires no equipment, and charges 3 percent per transaction. 

“The drawback is, if the Internet’s down, we can’t take credit cards,” Clerk-Treasurer Michele Sussex said.

She also stated fees can add up, as she spoke to some towns that pay several thousand dollars in annual credit card fees.

To mitigate these costs, Sussex suggested charging the flat-rate convenience fee.

“If we see that we’re losing some money down the road, we can change that convenience fee,” she said.

Council members inquired about the number of people who request to pay with credit cards.

“It’s a fairly small amount right now, but once the word gets out, I think it will go up,” Sussex said.

The town will begin working to accept credit cards as soon as possible.


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