Charlie Powell

Councilman Charlie Powell

Alan Rogers, Star-Tribune

Took office: July 2011 (appointed)

Term expires: January 2021


  • Management of the city during the economic downturn
  • Reduce the size and cost of local government with minimal impact on services
  • Diversify the economy in order to attract and retain young people

“My motivation to serve involves concerns I have had for many years that Wyoming has been losing its young people. We lack opportunities and the things that young people find attractive in a place to live. I believe that efforts to diversify our economy will succeed to the extent that we can address this problem. Casper’s economy will always be energy-based, but we can attract non-energy businesses if we become an attractive location for millennials. My reading and conversations with people who study economic development have me convinced that young people are interested in communities that have a vibrant downtown and first-class amenities. We have made progress in both of these areas in recent years, but there is still much work to be done. The recent decline in revenue requires the city to focus on basic services and we must now rely upon those in the private sector to move things forward. Development is taking place, and I believe the City has played a role in stimulating this growth.”

Outside Council

"I am a psychologist in private practice and work with a group of psychologists in Casper. Loraine and I have been married 30 years and we have two adult sons – one in NYC and one in LA. We are active in our church, enjoy camping/hiking/biking, and travel to spend time with family.

My interests outside of work and Council are Master’s track and field and senior softball. I play in our local softball leagues and on a traveling senior softball team out of Denver. I am also a competitive sprinter and recently competed in South Korea."

What do you wish people knew about Council?

“I think it would be helpful if those observing out actions would see the intent behind out actions, which is always to advance the interests of Casper and its residents. While we often have differing views on how to serve the citizens, members of Council with whom I have served have consistently done what they though was best for the citizens.

It would also be helpful for those observing our actions to recognize that we often deal with complex decisions that have long-term consequences. Votes are cast in our formal meetings after considerable study and review. It would be helpful if those questioning a decision would consider the Council's reasoning before reaching conclusions.

And finally, please recognize that the presence of an item on our agenda does not mean that a decision has already been made. It is the job of Council to discuss and consider possible courses of action, and those discussions must be a matter of public record. We do our business in front of the public and want the public involved as we wrestle with the matters before us.”



"The best way to contact me is via my city email address. I also maintain a landline for Council contacts listed above. It is not possible for a member of Council to be aware of all the concerns or problems that exist in our community, or the unintended consequences of our actions, and information/feedback is always helpful."

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