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Autumn in Wyoming is in full swing and may be just as beautiful as autumn in New York. Brave the weather and celebrate the season with these fun, fall flavors.

Although the first printed recipe for the Jack Rose appears in J.A. Grohusko’s 1908 “Jack’s Manual,” the first to resemble today’s version is from Jacques Straub’s 1914 “Drinks.” In 1926, Hemingway also mentions it in “The Sun Also Rises.” The drink’s history is cloudy, but most likely "Jack" simply comes from the Applejack brandy while “rose” derives from the drink’s color.

The Jack Rose is simple, deftly balancing sweet and tart fall and winter fruit flavors. Though not original to the drink, a few dashes of angostura bitters add subtle dimension that I appreciate. You can buy Applejack in downtown Casper at Urban Bottle. While I prefer Calvados or bonded Applejack (100 percent apple brandy) blended Applejack works just fine.

Next is an original I created to satisfy your fall-flavor predilections without apples or pumpkins. Pears are in season now through December, so celebrate with this creamy concoction before, during, and after all the holidays between now and the New Year.

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Do not let the many ingredients intimidate you away from the tasty finished reward. Most are readily available. If there is something you don’t have, just improvise. You won’t ruin the drink if you omit the pink peppercorns or Chartreuse. Substitute pear jam or Cointreau for the pear liqueur. If you don’t have cinnamon sticks just make honey syrup and add a few dashes of ground cinnamon. Regular lemons will work instead of Meyer lemons, the latter are slightly sweeter and have a more complex tangerine flavor.

Urban Bottle currently offers the Cointreau, green Chartreuse, and three tequilas perfect for this drink: Casamigos Reposado, Espolón Reposado, and Patrón Añejo. The Tequila contributes subtle notes of vanilla, maple, and caramel from the wood while the earthy agave compliments the pear and charred rosemary. Honey, citrus, cream and the spices tie it all together in a truly excitation-worthy drink!

The burden of proof is now yours. And fortunately, states do not discriminate when cocktails are involved, so go make a good autumn drink for a good friend in Wyoming or New York.



A Wyoming native, Jeremy Hugus is an injury lawyer and the owner of Platte River Law Firm by day, a gourmand by night and a humorist in his dreams. If you have questions or comments, or would like to see a particular spirit or topic featured, please email Jeremy at

A very spirited thanks to Urban Bottle and Platte River Law Firm for helping to make this column possible.


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