Thirty University of Wyoming/Casper College Center education graduates received pins honoring their completion of a semester-long public school residency at a recent reception. The graduates then presented their mentor teachers with UW/CC Center key chains as a gesture of gratitude for fostering their growth as educators.

The faculty speaker was John Kambutu, associate professor and chairperson of educational studies, followed by the student speaker Wade Holmes. Other guest speakers at the event were Dean of UW College of Education Kay Persichitte, and director of the Help Yourself Academy Jennifer Grooms.

After presenting Manor Heights elementary teacher Brenda Foy with the Mentor Teacher of the Year Award, and Pineview elementary teacher Mindy Linch with the Practicum Mentor Teacher of the Year Award, partner schools facilitator Marcia Patton began the pinning ceremony with words of appreciation to building administrators, mentors, families, and friends.

Jennifer Forrester, Keonghee Tao Han, Lydiah Nganga, and Jason Katzmann, supervising faculty members of UW/CC Center education students in residency, led the pinning of graduates and their mentor teachers.

The following students and their mentors, listed with the schools in which they fulfilled their residency requirements, were pinned:

Park Elementary School: Jacqueline Gilmore with Sarah Rowland; Kaytlin Parke with Cindy Hill and Nicole Dundas; Kelsey Underwood with Laura McCleary; Jonathan Urman with Barbara Maguire; and Alexandria Young with Sue Berchenbriter.

Sagewood Elementary School: Joseph Frieze with Susie Strom; Erin Gazda with Shawn Galles; Elizabeth Keyser with Toni Billings; Michelle Knoll with Jennifer Doyle; Lindley Kugler with Carrie Patterson; and Kelsey Mitchell with Brandy Bentz.

Manor Heights Elementary School: Pennie Jo Caldwell with Shannon Kersenbrock; Shanae Hedlund with Shireen Stafford; Justin Lamb with Brenda Foy; and Yolanda Winters with Brent Greene.

Paradise Valley Elementary School: Katherine Junge with Kristin Landry; and Cereja Parsons with Christine Horken.

Oregon Trail Elementary School: Michelle Farnsworth with Cheri Eastwood; Wade Holmes with Wendy Johnson; Nanci Madsen with Christy Jourgensen; Connie Rodgers with Lisa Sexton; and Tia Sternberg with Dixie Bowen.

Bar Nunn Elementary School: Robert Gilmore, Jr. with Randy Ridgeway; Alicia Murphy with DeAnn Russell; Kayla Eaton with Lenay Appleton; Lyndee Henrichsen with Zach Becker; and Heidi Barry with Megan Dye.

Natrona County High School: Rene Hansen with Christina Baker.

Centennial Junior High School: Shona Ross with Shane Palmer.

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