POWELL -- The Wyoming State Historical Society named these recipients of awards presented at the Society's 56th annual meeting held recently in Powell.

Publications Awards

Books -- Fiction: Mackie D'Arge for "Lifting the Sky," Fremont County chapter.

The committee chose this well-written novel for ages 10-14 about a young girl who finds herself living on the Wind River Indian Reservation.

Books -- Non-fiction: Shannon D. Smith for "Give Me Eighty Men - Women and the Myth of the Fetterman Fight," Sheridan County chapter.

In this book, Smith re-examines the works of the two Mrs. Carringtons in the context of contemporary evidence. The book both challenges standard interpretations of the American myth and shows the powerful influence of female writers in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Books -- Non-fiction: "Nancy Heyl Ruskowsky for Two Dot Ranch - A Biography of Place," Park County chapter.

This book tells the history of a ranch that is very special to people in Park County. The book begins with the founding of the ranch by John Chapman in 1878 and continues through several owners until January 2000 when its sale by Yves Burrus to the new owners is complete.

Honorable Mention: Marcia Meredith Hensley for "Staking Her Claim - Women Homesteading the West," Platte and Fremont county chapters.

This account of 21 female homesteaders offers a fascinating look into the lives of women taking advantage of the first chance in the history of our country to own property of their own. Their stories display a wide variety of motivation and success while attempting this difficult, isolating, and dangerous undertaking.

Books -- Autobiography or Biography: Earle F. Layser for "I Always Did Like Horses and Women: Enoch Cal Carrington's Life Story," self-nominated.

This is a well-researched and well-written book about one of Jackson Hole's most notable characters, Enoch Cal Carrington. As the title suggests, Carrington's life was full of colorful exploits.

Honorable Mention: Diana Allen Kouris for "Riding the Edge of an Era," Platte Historical Society.

This book chronicles the story of a ranching family engrossed every day in this rugged and increasingly unique lifestyle. It celebrates a lifestyle foreign to most of us and triggers a tremendous sense of loss for a special kind of life that is fast disappearing.

Books -- Self-published: Phyllis Preator for "The McCulloch Peaks: Early History & Stories," Park County chapter.

This book is a wonderful collection of stories about the people, the horses, and the history of the McCulloch Peaks, a badlands/adobe area east of Cody. It is illustrated with modern photos taken by the author and more historic ones from the families who lived in the area of the Peaks.

Books -- Reference: Beryl Churchill and Robert Bonner for "Home in the Valley: Powell's First Century," Park County chapter.

This complete and thorough history of Powell, with accompanying photographs and illustrations, records the growth of the town decade by decade. Powell, founded in 1909 and named for John Wesley Powell, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.

Honorable Mention: Bayard Fox and Claude Poulet for "Wind River Country: Hidden Heart of Wyoming," Fremont County chapter.

This book brings to life a remote, magnificent, and little known part of northwest Wyoming near Yellowstone Park. It contains the thriving Wind River Indian Reservation of over 2 million acres, the spectacular Wind River Range with Wyoming's highest mountain, and vast, uncrowded national forests.

Honorable Mention: Jeanne Rogers for "Standing Witness- Devils Tower National Monument - A History," Crook County chapter.

The committee chose this book for its concise, readable, thorough history of America's first national monument with a broad historical narrative of the west as its foundation. The book is complete with photographs, index, and extensive bibliography.

Poetry: Sharon O'Toole for "Baggs: Cowtown of the West," Carbon County chapter.

This humorous poem describes several historical incidents in the history of Baggs.

Honorable Mention: Steve Adelson for "Eleven That Morning," and "Breakfast Was Over," Sheridan County chapter.

These two historical poems portray events at the Fetterman Fight and the Wagon Box Fight, both near Fort Phil Kearny in northern Wyoming.

Pamphlets: Albany County Historic Preservation Board for "Albany County Tour Guides," Albany County chapter.

These seven informative pamphlets cover Albany County Museums, Historic Architectural Treasures, the Campus of the University of Wyoming, the Old Lincoln Highway, Historic Downtown Laramie, West Laramie, and Centennial. Each tour depicts different historical aspects of Albany County's development.

Honorable Mention: Newcastle Chamber of Commerce and Weston County Museum District for "A Loop Tour: Beaver Creek - A Trip Through Time," Weston County chapter.

This well-done pamphlet takes the visitor over portions of the Cheyenne-Deadwood stage route and past the remnants of the wooden water line that once brought fresh water into Newcastle, through an area rife with history.

Calendars: Pony Express Printing Center for "Historic Homes from Cheyenne's Past - A Legacy Mostly Lost," Laramie County chapter.

This calendar showcases 14 of the most historically significant structures ever constructed in downtown Cheyenne. Each month features a different home along with information about its occupants. Also included are maps of the "Millionaire's" Row and "Cattle Barons" Row areas of downtown with featured structures highlighted.

Honorable Mention: Wyoming State Historical Society and The American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming for the "2009 Wyoming Historical Calendar," Albany County chapter.

This calendar features photographs and introductory information about Wyoming's boom/bust economy, which over the years has become an accepted feature of Wyoming life and reflects on the peaks and valleys inherent in a resource-based economy. The Heritage Center has drawn on its rich collection of photographs to depict events of historical importance with a different historical entry for each day of the year.

Magazines and Newspapers: Michael A. Amundson for his article published in" The Montana History Magazine" -- "These Men Play Real Polo: An Elite Sport in the Cowboy State, 1890-1930," Sheridan County chapter.

Amundson's well-researched article, enhanced by many historic photos, delves into the puzzle to western historians who question how such a sport, traditionally of the elite, fits into the popular notion of Wyoming as the land of the cowboy. It is very possible that nowhere else on earth has such good polo been played with such superior and well-trained horses, together with "such a curious blend of ex-patriots and polo-playing locals" as in the early days of the town of Big Horn. The sport continues to be an integral part of the area today.

*Claudia Thompson for her article published in the "Annals of Wyoming" - "Howling Wilderness, A Missionary's Views of Wyoming, 1900-1918," Albany County chapter.

This is the story of William Bradford Dodge Gray and his second wife, Annette, who served as missionaries in the United States. In 1900, Dr. Gray became Superintendent of Missions in Wyoming. For the next 18 years, he dutifully traveled all over Wyoming establishing Sunday schools, distributing religious literature, serving as a substitute pastor, and wheedling money from wealthier and more established congregations to support missionaries.

*Loren Jost for "Wind River Mountaineer," Fremont County chapter.

This history journal is published quarterly at the Riverton Museum for the Fremont County Museums in Riverton, Lander, and Dubois. Well-written articles pertain to the history of Fremont County. Liberal use of historic photographs enhances the journal.

Honorable Mention: Donald C. Gose for "Upton History and Heritage," Weston County chapter.

The newspaper articles are well researched and well written. They are a credit to both Mr. Gose and to the Weston County Gazette for featuring them for their entire centennial year. The weekly history lesson begins before any white men had come to this part of the country and will proceed through the present day.

Audio-Video Documentary Awards

Professional: Sue Castaneda for "How Are You Doing in Vietnam? The last tapes of Captain William B. Graves and Family (1967)," Platte County chapter.

This audio is an oral history that not only gives listeners a chance to experience Vietnam themselves but also gain an understanding of the sacrifice made by Captain Graves and his family. This is a unique one of a kind and very personal opportunity for others to relate to the often-painful effects of war.

*Wyoming PBS for "Main Street Wyoming: Risky Business - The Ghost Town of Kirwin," Fremont County chapter.

This video is the story of the history of Kirwin, a remote Wyoming mining camp high in the Absoroka Mountains that is today a ghost town. It features spectacular scenery, compelling interviews, and a narrative that comes full circle to the present day.

*Wyoming PBS and Wild West Video Productions for "Drawn to Yellowstone," Sheridan County chapter.

This unique historical documentary produced for Wyoming PBS carries the viewer through the defining moments of how the artwork of Thomas Moran coupled with the many William H. Jackson photographs of the Yellowstone region helped Congress recognize the need to designate Yellowstone as the world's first national parkā€¦and the Park has continued to return the favor, inspiring artists throughout the years.

Honorable Mention: Mark Junge and Sue Castaneda for "Wyoming Lincoln Minutes," Linda Fabian and Rick Ewig.

In light of the national attention celebrating the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth, Mark Junge, in cooperation with electronic media specialist, Sue Castaneda, wrote, edited, and produced more than a dozen "Lincoln Bicentennial Minutes". They were disseminated to electronic media outlets across the state and to all schools and libraries in the state.

Non-Professional: Sheridan County Retired Education Personnel for John D. Loucks, Pioneer, Sheridan County chapter.

This video is the second produced by the Sheridan County Retired Education Personnel for use as educational tools in Wyoming schools. This time, the video is accompanied by a study guide including a section for teachers to use geared toward third grade students in their study of Sheridan, an adult orientation section , and a section containing copies of historic documents.

Fine Arts Award

*Pat Schermerhorn of Cody for her pointillism painting entitled "The Crossing," Park County chapter.

This 16 by 21 pointillism painting depicts Max Wilde leading a pack trip through the Thorofare named for the Thorofare Plateau located approximately 50 miles southwest of Cody. It is a thoroughfare for thousands of big game animals in their annual migration. Max Wilde spent over 40 years as an outfitter in that area. Pointillism technique is the use of fine-colored ink dots to create an image.

*Professor Michael Masterson for Buffalo Bill's Cowboy Band Concert Tour, March 18-20, 2009, Sheridan County chapter.

Dr. Masterson researched and re-assembled the collection of original musical arrangements performed by Buffalo Bill's Cowboy Band from 1884 through 1916. This body of music by notable musicians of the day was composed to represent the various acts portrayed by "Buffalo Bill's Wild West" and served as the show's sound track, similar to modern movies today. In March of 2009, with members of both the Powell and Sheridan bands, the Cowboy band performed at Powell, Casper, and for the Society for American Music Conference in Denver. The concert was narrated by Dr. Paul Fees, and the music was accompanied by a multi-media presentation with original photographs, motion pictures, posters, and programs detailing the historical impact of "Buffalo Bill's Wild West".

Young Historian Awards

*Grades 3-5: 1. James Bisiar, Casper, for his county report on Hot Springs; 2. Rachel Jahiel, Behley Malkuch, and Kass Williamson, Sheridan for Wyoming Alphabet; 3. Karli Jackson, Kemmerer, for The Life of Donna Chipp Failoni.

*Grades 6-8: 1. Tyler Leinonen, Casper, for GIS Historic Map and Virtual Field Tour Project of the Greater Salt Creek Area; 2. Tyler Julian, Sheridan, for Nellie Tayloe Ross: A Woman of Many Firsts; 3. Skyler Gabel, Cody, for "Liver Eating" Johnston.

*Grades 9-12: 1. Levi Pitchford, Newcastle High School for The Vanishing Town; 2. Sheldon Bell, Newcastle High School for Locomotives in Motion; 3. Taylor Tobar, Newcastle High School for The Destiny of the 1990 Newcastle Boys Basketball Team.

Junior Activities Awards

*Grades 3-5: 1. Beth Marlatt's Hulett Elementary Fourth Grade for their book Bison on the Horizon: An Alphabet Book about the Vore Buffalo Jump; 2. Laura Giesler's Newcastle Elementary Fourth Grade Wyoming History Class for Wyoming Historical Site Brochures; 3. Erin Hinton's Woodland Park Fourth Grade, Sheridan, for ABC Book of Wyoming History.

*Grades 6-8: 1. David Peterson's Sheridan Junior High School 8th grade Social Studies classes for their Buildings of Sheridan quilt project.

*Grades 9-12: 1. Bob Hunsaker, Eagle Scout Project Coordinator for Troop 773, for Maintenance and Improvements along the Lander Trail; 2. Kara Sweet's Newcastle High School grades 9-12 and Weston County Museum District for Harvest Haunts and History Festival

Activities Awards

Well-Planned, Well-Conducted Tour or Tours to an Historic Site: Don Dockstader and Jermy Wight for the Lander Trail Trek, Star Valley chapter.

The fourth annual Lander Trail Trek was held on July 26, 2008. Chapter members and the general public were invited to take part in this event. Those who made the journey will undoubtedly have a vivid memory of the Lander Trail.

Outstanding Educational Project: Leon Washut and Karen Ballek for The Washuts: One Family's Journey, Sheridan County chapter.

The Washut Family History narrative is a great addition to the history of the Sheridan area community and is representative of many immigrant families. It is a fantastic example of how their history and heritage can be shared with family and friends, as well as the local Sheridan library, museum, and community.

Promotion of Museum Activities: Nathan Doerr, Sheridan County Museum, for Black Diamonds Traveling Trunk.

The Black Diamonds trunk developed by Nathan Doerr for use either at the Museum or in the classroom details the rich coal mining history in the Sheridan area.

Promotion or Restoration or Interpretation of Local Historic Sites: Lucille Dumbrill for the Weston County Historic Preservation Board for Mallo Camp Cabin Preservation as Interpretive Center for Mallo History, Weston County chapter.

Annual Services Award: Richard Bodine for the many outstanding volunteer services provided this past year, Sheridan County chapter.

Chapter Awards

1., Sheridan County Chapter for Scanning, Researching, Cataloguing, Preserving and Providing Public Access to Elsa Spear Byron Photographs, Papers, Diaries and Artifacts and Henry Asa and Herbert Coffeen's Photograph Collection.

2., Weston County Chapter for Preservation of Historic Images of Weston County and the Milton Holwell Family.

The Clara M. and Henry E. Jensen Outstanding Wyoming Teacher Award

Dana Curtis, 5-8 Grade Social Studies Teacher at Poison Spider School in Casper, Natrona County chapter.

Mabel Brown Cumulative Contribution Award

Ester Johansson Murray for her many contributions to the Society throughout the years, Park County chapter.

L. C. Bishop Award

Lander Trail Foundation c/o Jermy Wight for their work on the Lander Trail, Star Valley chapter.

Henryetta Berry Memorial Award

Rick Ewig for his many years of promoting Wyoming History among the young people of the state, Platte County chapter.

Outstanding Preservation Project Award

The recipient of the 2009 Outstanding Preservation Project Award has been awarded to the Wyoming State Library for its leading effort in digitizing and making available Wyoming newspapers. This project of making all available Wyoming newspapers prior to 1923 available on a searchable database has opened up a new frontier for the citizens of Wyoming and beyond.

Maurine Carley Memorial Award

The recipient of the Maurine Carley Historic Preservation Award has been awarded to the Sheridan Heritage Center for its continued efforts to preserve the historic Sheridan Inn.

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