CASPER -- These licenses were granted in Natrona County between Dec. 9 and Dec. 15,2009.

*Luke William Donley and Lauren Ashley McCluskey

*Alexander Daniel Sveda and Danica Kathleen Musgrave

*Casey Brett Long and Autumn Rose Clark

*Travis Jaymes Parazoo and Courtney Rae Tescher

*Christopher Allen Trout and Sarah Michelle Cureton

*Dwight Lee Philo and Brenda Carol Chaisson

*Anthony Kent Chambers and Patricia Ann Eddleman

*Wallace Edmund Skelton and Wanda Glee Land

*Troy Brandon Ballou and Misty Dawn Dunbar


CASPER -- These were granted (made final) in Natrona County.

*Jason W. Bowers v. Kimberly D. Bowers

*Lynn Ann Marie Collins v. Matthew Carl Collins

*Ella L. Sucher v. Michael W. Sucher

*Brooke A. Dunn v. Robert D. Dunn

*Deborah Milder v. Michael Shane Milder

*Anna Marie Wilson v. Joseph Allen Wilson

*Amanda Fern Cotton v. Daniel Morgan Cotton Jr.

*Tonya Younger v. Arlo Terry Allen


CASPER -- These were recorded at Wyoming Medical Center.

November 24, 2009

*Girl, Brynn Elizabeth, to Cassidy & Lyndon Lach, Evansville

December 3, 2009

*Girl, Chloe Renea, to Kayla Schreiber & Andrew Larsen, Casper

December 5, 2009

*Girl, Kiara McKay, to Rachael Moen & Garette Morgan, Casper

December 6, 2009

*Boy, Jayden Anthony Grant, to Amanda Cosman, Casper

December 7, 2009

*Girl, Daizey Kaye, to Amanda Felton & Daniel Duke, Casper

December 8, 2009

*Girl, Adell Elaine, to April & Malik Hegge, Casper

December 9, 2009

*Boy, Noah Williams, to Ronica Jackson & Corby Sterkel, Casper

*Girl, Clara Grace, to Sarah & Michael McDonald, Casper

December 10, 2009

*Boy and Girl, Nicholas James & Ava Rae, to Doreen & James Campbell, Casper

*Girl, Jennifer Jaylynn, to Stephanie & Jonathan Cummins, Mills

*Girl, Isabell Rain, to Shannon & Jonathon Jones, Casper

*Boy, Beau Ryder, to Allison & Tyler Keller, Casper

*Girl, Airabella Vivianna Albertine, to Amber Lara, Casper

*Boy, Darian Jacob, to April & Jonathan Zurn

December 11, 2009

*Girl, Morgan Gail, to Jenny & Dennis McKinney, Jr., Casper

*Boy, Max Kade, to Charlotte Sternberg & Kris Counts, Casper

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