CASPER -- These licenses were issued in Natrona County between July7 and July 12, 2010.

*Clint Michael Wolfe and Kendra Michelle Lemay

*Tyrel Morgan Larson and Alyssa Erin Miller

*Max William Alberding and Tegan Magara Snoberger

*Robert Donald Williams and Lindsey Marie Smith

*Nathan Allen Dyer and Jennifer Joy Crank

*Matthew J. Wilson and Amanda Rae Terry

*Dexter Avey Bryant and Amanda Rae DeHaai

*Jeffery Lee Webber and Alicia Ann Ruiz

*Mark Scott Venteicher and Josie Lyn Murphy

*Tracy Reuben Leon Matekovic and Brittany Nicole Bezzant

*Jeffrey William Wharton and Virginia Ann Pond

*Kenneth Alan Christianson and Amber Nicole David

*John Mickeal Murphy Jr., and Samantha Laree Bell

*Michael Lee Bezold and Lauren Marie Bayert

*Michael Ryan Perrett and Heidi Melisa Crouch

*Henry Ryan Silva and Virginia Grace Schnepper

*Robert Eric Lombard and Tanna Leah Hane

*Brandon Lee Green and Chelsea Rae Shanley


CASPER -- These were granted (made final) in Natrona County.

*Brandi Dawn Hoffman v. Dustin Edward Hoffman

*Robin Lee Stedman Sr. v. Rachel Lee Stedman

*Catherine Cressy v. Laurence Cressy

*Jeffrey Allen Renville v. April Dawn Renville


CASPER -- These were recorded at Wyoming Medical Center.

June 23, 2010

*Girl, Savannah Ellen, to Kristy & Bryan Cropper, Douglas

July 3, 2010

*Girl, Ashley, to Erika Baca & Obed Izaguirre

July 5, 2010

*Girl, Emmersyn Leann, to Robin & Joseph Demmon, Evansville

July 6, 2010

*Girl, Peyton Marie, to Erin & James Dona, Glenrock

*Girl, Joanna, to Angelica Hermosillo & Juan Contreras, Glenrock

*Girl, Kennedy Lynn, to Jennifer Sutherland, Midwest

July 7, 2010

*Boy, Emanual Edwin, to Sunnona & Anthony Hink, Casper

*Boy, Jeremioh Leroy, to Cierra & Joshoa Proudfoot, Casper

*Girl, Teagan Lynn, to Erin & Vince Murphy, Casper

July 8, 2010

*Girl, Audra Noel, to Karen Jackson, Casper

*Boy, Owen Samuel, to Lara & Timothy Roberts, Casper

July 9, 2010

*Girl, Leah Marie, to Melissa & Brent Ramsey, Casper

*Boy, Hayden Oliver, to Jennifer & Jamie Swanson, Casper

July 10, 2010

*Boy, Gradey Douglas, to Janelle & Kyle Smith, Evansville

July 11, 2010

*Boy, Calyn Otto, to Billie Piel & Brock Crossley, Casper

July 12, 2010

*Boy, Bransen Andrew Roy, to Bailey Loflin & Steven Bunso, Casper

Home Birth

July 4, 2010

*Boy, Samson Michael, to Celeste Kumelos & Matthew Walters, Casper

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