CASPER — The Natrona County High School Class of 1977 is holding its 35th class reunion the weekend of August 24-25, 2012, at the Best Western Ramkota. Organizers are searching for many classmates. Anyone with contact information for the following is asked to email or call Laura Claunch at 266-5979.

Jolen Adams, Mark Aguilar, Norma Alberson, David Albertson, Janna Alexander, Andy Anderson, Eric Anderson, Judy Anderson, Limon Annis, Karen Arrington, Rebecca Atwood.

Matt Barnhart, Debra Bauer, Mary Lou Benson, Frances Berg, Robin Berry, William Bieg, Mark Bitter, Kathy Blood, Margaret Booth, Edwin Brow, Russell Brown, Margaret Brummett, Jacqueline Burch, Matthew Burnell, Ronda Burrows.

John Cassinat, Donald Caster, Kent Chambers, Steven Clark, Carillon Cole, Robin Condelario, Katherine Craven, Linda Craver, Jan Cross.

Julie Davis, Jeffrey Davis, Larry Davis, Brian Dewitt, Robert Dodd.

Larry Edleman, Charles Eggleston.

David Feezer, Shevawn Forrester, Marva Foster, James Fowler.

Diana Gallegos, Delores Galves, Mario Gaona, Velata Garbutt, Russell Gothard, Carmen Griffith.

Jack Haney, Jill Haney, Maren Harmon, Daniel Herrmann, Sally Hill, Catherine Hodgen, Mary Holgate, Kevin Horton.

Patty Jacobs, David Jamieson, Michael Janeaux.

Jamie Kennaday, Patricia Kresal.

Richard Lange, Garey Larson, Delores Leist, Karen Lenox, John Lewallen, James Long, Wayne Lopez, Cary Lorimer.

David Madsen, Kenneth Marlar, Mary Marlow, Cynthia Martin, Kim Matwiejow, Daniel McFall, Janet McFall, Robin McGee, Joe McGuire, Dane Medley, Kara Miller, Mary Miller, Rebecca Mills, James Moberly, Nancy Moench, Brenda Moltzan, Bradley Moore, Charles Moore, Alfonso Moralez, Edward Mullen.

Dorothy Newcom, Donald Nickerson, Mark Nicol, Albert Nolan, Scott Norris, Ken Nye, Leslie Nye.

Susan Odegard, Patrick O’Neal, Melany Oskolkoff.

Steven Packer, Lynette Paulson, Dawn Pearson, Jonathan Peterson, Jimmy Pitmon.

Rexalie Rafferty, Therese Reimers, Trisha Renner, Catherine Rhodes, Gloria Rich, Ermina Rodriguez, Jacque Routh, Brett Runyan.

Mary Sanders, Teresa Schneider, Leslie Selby, Marcia Smith, Richard Smith, Aaron Stevens, Billy Stevens, William Stockton.

Sheila Thomas, Steven Thomas, William Thorne, Michael Tozzi, Carrie Trujillo, Bennie Tudor.

Stephen Vanderpool.

Melinda Walport, Tammy Wells, Jeffrey West, Rhonda Whalen, Terri Whittenberg, Diana Willcox, Pamela Winter.

Dona Zoll.

Community News editor Sally Ann Shurmur can be reached at 307-266-0520;; read her blog at; or follow her on Twitter @WYOSAS

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