Casper Police Department

Felony charges

*Daemon Allen Adsem, hold for probation and parole

*Male Juvenile Offender, criminal warrant

FVPA misdemeanor charges

*Patricia Gay Hypes, FVPA assault

*Dustin Lee Nelson, FVPA assault

*Debora Eileen Nickerson, FVPA assault

DWUI misdemeanor charges

*Michael David Fowler, DWUI

*Mikal Todd Goudie, DWUI, obey traffic control sign, open container in vehicle

*Challace Andrea Lujan, DWUI

*Terry Tsipi, DWUI

Misdemeanor charges

*Male Juvenile Offender, fail to comply

*Franklin Ross Allen, 2 failures to comply

*Thomas David Anderson, fail to comply

*Matthew Bell, interference with police, prev. & obstruct fire exit

*Brian Benally, public intoxication

*Malika Nichelle Brown, fail to appear

*Samuel Benson Clark, county warrant/hold for agency, drug violation possession

*James Dean Derby, fail to comply

*Michael James Fahrenbruck, fail to comply

*Josephantoni Ramon Fernandez, fail to comply

*Adan David Gonzalez, public intoxication, damage/destroy property

*Dace Maurice Henrie, public intoxication

*Aubry Ann Holland, public intoxication

*April Marie Kennedy, fail to appear

*Tammy Renee Logan, fail to appear

*Jeremy Ray Mutz, suspended/revoked driver's license, 2 failures to comply

*Anna Jo Otterholt, fail to appear, 2 failures to comply, drug violation possession

*Teal Nicholas Taggart, fail to comply

*Chrishawnna Marie Whitley, fail to comply


Mills Police Department

DWUI misdemeanor charges

*Katie Renae Kesl, 29, DWUI

Misdemeanor charges

*Justin Paul Smith, 26, seatbelt driver/passenger, interference with police officer

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