Casper Police Department

Felony charges

*Scott Jason Burleson, NCIC hit, driver's license required, no insurance, improper registration

*Victori Marie Garza, NCIC hit

*Danielle Marie Hartley, criminal warrant

*Johnny Lee Wade, controlled substance possession meth, drug violation possession, 2 counts drugs/conspiracy, 2 counts possession with intent/delivery

*Michael Alan Webster, auto burglary

FVPA misdemeanor charges

*Jason Gail Nielsen, FVPA assault

DWUI misdemeanor charges

*Derwin Jay Bahe, DWUI, driver's license, obey traffic control sign

*Douglas Arthur Erickson, DWUI, careless driving, suspended/revoked driver's license, leave scene of accident

*Bryan Casey Korogi, DWUI

*Christopher Allen Liston, DWUI

*Derek John Schatza, DWUI

Misdemeanor charges

*Thomas Zachary Brundige, fail to appear, fail to comply

*Curtis Lee Caraveau, fail to comply

*Kenneth Eugene Cooper, fail to comply

*Michael Joseph Johnson, public intoxication

*Matthew Frye Lewis, simple assault, interference with police, criminal trespass

*Rolando Linan, fail to appear

*Yancy James Mayzsak, 2 failures to appear, fail to comply

*Joseph Poquette, serve jail time

*Patrick Scott Rimel, 2 failures to appear

*Matthew Robinson, suspended/revoked driver's license, speeding

*Elizabeth Charlene Stayton, interference with police, simple assault

*Michael Joseph Underwood, public intoxication

*Ricky Lee Vaught, fail to comply

*Stephen Anthony Warsco, drug violation possession, public intoxication

*Eloy Zacarias, public intoxication


Mills Police Department

Felony charges

*Dacota Lee Thompson, 19, drug violation possession

Misdemeanor charges

*James Wesley Roy Box, 24, 3 failures to appear

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