Casper Police Department

Felony charges

*Joshua David Armstrong, kidnapping, aggravated assault

*Jared Alexander Baker, aggravated assault, 2 failures to comply, controlled substance possession meth

*Allen Duane Newman, hold for probation and parole

FVPA misdemeanor charges

*Rodney Russell Brafford, FVPA assault

DWUI misdemeanor charges

*Trenton Blakeman, DWUI, leave scene of accident, no insurance, elude police officer

Misdemeanor charges

*Richard Cardenas, fail to appear

*Penny Lynn Davenport, fail to comply

*Jamie Lynn Dockter, fail to comply

*Patrick Allen Erikson, public intoxication, shoplifting

*Angela Esther Fortuna, 2 failures to appear

*Joshua Frederick Goad, fail to comply

*Jonathan Alexander Gollnick, suspend/revoked driver's license, leave scene of accident, careless driving

*Melody Dawn Hodgins, fail to comply

*Troy Dean Holder, fail to comply

*Barry Patrick Johnston, District Court bench warrant

*Georgia Lynn Kientz, District Court bench warrant

*Lindsey F. Muratore, public intoxication

*Todd William Plunkett Jr., fail to comply

*Terry Dewayne Simpson, fail to appear

*Jessie Ray Souza, public intoxication

*Solomon Ray Tegenu, public intoxication, open container-space/structure

*Samuel Thomas Vick Jr., fail to appear

*Donald Eugene Wickersham, fail to comply


Mills Police Department

Felony charges

*Bruce Jeffrey Turner, 63, drug violation possession

DWUI misdemeanor charges

*Richard Fredrick Beasley, 51, DWUI

*Yolanda Fancher, 53, DWUI

*Devida Manuelita Grooman, 36t, DWUI

*Vincent Alfredo Sosa, 21, DWUI

Misdemeanor charges

*Francine E. Schollerbeck, 34, public intoxication

*James Henry Taylor, 50, no driver's license in possession, improper registration/plate, insurance liability

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