Casper Police Department

Felony charges

*Chad Houston Powell, DWUI-felony, DWUS, drive w/o interlock device, interference with police

*Ricky Lee Vaught, county warrant/hold for agency

*Benjamen Ralph Wentz, escape from detention, larceny, attempt to elude, speed too fast, stop or yield sign, reckless driving, fail to comply

FVPA misdemeanor charges

*Kayode Bashiru Busari, FVPA assault

*Steven Wilson Storeim, FVPA assault, drug violation possession, violate protection order

DWUI misdemeanor charges

*Susan Renee Hubbard, DWUI

*Vanessa Marie McCoy, DWUI, DUS

*Edmond Thomas Vance, DWUI

Misdemeanor charges

*Gregory Reed Alesna, controlled substance possession meth, suspended/revoked driver's license, no insurance, registration of motor vehicle

*Joel David Allen Jr., interference with police, breach of peace, public intoxication

*Shaunna Belen Barrera, fail to comply, county warrant/hold for agency

*Ryan Kyle Bressler, county warrant/hold for agency

*Jamie Lynn Dockter, controlled substance possession meth

*Alicia Nicole Gray, suspended/revoked driver's license, no insurance, registration of motor vehicle, 2 failures to appear

*Michael Guerrero, public intoxication

*Daniel Ezekiel Jackson, fail to appear

*Desiree Jean Juarez, child endangering

*Franklin Howard Lamonda, public intoxication

*Bethany Ann McGehee, 2 failures to appear

*Morgan Germon McGeorge, fail to appear

*Irena Prauline Mondello, 2 failures to comply

*Jihad Eldeen Moore, public intoxication

*Demei Anthony Oiterong, public intoxication

*Mason Connor Orr, fail to appear

*Tiffany Michelle Paltza, 2 failures to appear

*Nick Shannon, public intoxication, drug violation possession

*Travis Reydell Sims, fail to appear

*Richard L. Taylor, 2 failures to appear

*Michelle Lynn Wallace, controlled substance possession meth, fail to appear

*Alexandra Francis Whisler, 5 failures to appear


Mills Police Department

Felony charges

*Troy Vanderhoef, 51, aggravated assault

DWUI misdemeanor charges

*Vanessa Marie McCoy, 21, DWUI, misdemeanor

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