CASPER -- These licenses were issued in Natrona County between Jan. 2 and Jan. 8, 2013.

*Aaron Scott Edwards and Allison Jeanette Peck

*Ryan Joseph Cottrell and Abigail Maureen Jenkins

*Justin Michael Lee Clark and Shannon Dale Barry

*Bruce Michael Jones and Roberta Lynn Barker

*Andrew Elliot Damm and Rachel Medora Falls

*Johnathan Scott Doyle and Ashley Ann Czubak

*Cory James Schneider and Sarah Sue Harbour


CASPER -- These were granted (made final) in Natrona County and released by the Clerk of District Court's office.

*Jamalie C. Brondum v. Kim M. Brondum

*Christopher O. Johnson v. Sara L. Trout-Johnson

*Sasha Marie Yeigh v. Samuel Cole Yeigh

*Mary Nelson v. Mohamed Bairha

*Nancy L. Pryor v. David S. Pryor

*Frank Matthew Gonzales v. Danielle Dawn Gonzales

*Madalene Maria Ordes v. Robin Lee Stedman Sr.

*Steven Thornton v. Angela Thornton

*Thomas D. Janousek v. Mary E. Janousek

*Christopher Porter v. Acklyn Overfield


CASPER -- These were recorded at Wyoming Medical Center. The Star-Tribune prints all births that occur at Wyoming Medical Center, released by the hospital with consent of the mother; as well as home births, and births that may take place outside of Casper to Casper and Glenrock residents because of military deployment, medical reasons or employment.

December 17, 2012

*Girls, Quinn Kerry & McKenna Grace, to Jessica Davis & Emery Mahaffey, Casper

December 18, 2012

*Boy, Jace Kaleb, to Jessica Herstein & Alexander Hofmann, Casper

December 19, 2012

*Girl, Sophia Lou, to Kimberly Anich & Christopher Atkins, Casper

*Girl, Soleil Calypso, to Amanda Eldridge & Christopher Johnson

December 20, 2012

*Girl, Keylee May, to Megan Hill & Denton Cox, Casper

December 22, 2012

*Girl, Destiney Shayann, to Arla Bohnet & Jake Porras, Casper

*Girl, Josephine Rose, to Ariel Thorstad & Carl Archuleta, Casper

December 25, 2012

*Girl, Natasha Ruth, to Lucy Flute, Casper

*Girl, Keona Elaine, to Amy Singer & Rafael Goodson

December 26, 2012

*Boy, Kaysen Erik, to Kiah Spiva & Erik Wimer, Casper

December 29, 2012

*Girl, Kaylynn Brooke, to Leslie & Brandon Flaherty, Casper

December 31, 2012

*Boy, Westin Pearce, to Amanda & Christopher Lee, Casper

January 2, 2013

*Boy, Riley James, to Sarah Harbour & Cory Schneider, Casper

*Boy, Wyatt Lee, to Larinda & Chris Reese, Casper

January 3, 2013

*Boy, Denton Michael Lee, to Chelsie Jones & Travis Mayhew, Bar Nunn

*Girl, Adalee Rose, to Johnnie Ramirez & Michael Benson, Mills

January 5, 2013

*Boy, Avry Dayl, to Leah & Trinidad Johnson, Casper

*Girl, Noelle Elizabeth, to Emily & Daniel White, Casper

*Boy, James Daniel, to Morgan & Rich Dailey, Casper

January 7, 2013

*Boy, Hunter James, to Jessica Vezina & William Dorsett, Casper


Community News editor Sally Ann Shurmur can be reached at 307-266-0520;; read her blog at; or follow her on Twitter @WYOSAS

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