CASPER -- These licenses were issued in Natrona County between Sept. 4 and Sept. 10, 2013.

*Juan Manuel Lopez and Cindy Yudith Fabela

*Kevin Christopher Burgess and Chelsea Dawn Fry

*Dean Edward Wall and Saige Marie Gollnick

*John William Janski and Linda Louise Mitchell

*Jason Eugene Gosselin and Brandi Dawn Parmely

*Jeffrey Norman Goltermann and Sandi Rae Dunkelberger

*James Kevin Vines and My Hanh Thuy Le

*Lance Cody Sternhagen and Halie Rene Haefele

*Zachary Daniel McClurg and Samantha Jo Holiman

*Kechih Kirk Lai and Wen-Hui Hung

*Jerod Allen Johnston and Mary Anessa Proctor

*Seth David Henley and Stacy Michelle Legler


CASPER -- These were granted (made final) in Natrona County between Sept. 4 and Sept. 9, 2013, and released by the Clerk of District Court's office in Casper.

*Deborah R. Williamson v. William R. Williamson

*Sheridan Smith Lafferty v. Jesse Franklin Lafferty

*Lynette Carol Schmidt v. David Allen Schmidt

*Aaron Sell v. Tanya L. Sell-Southerland

*Carl Douglas Linaman v. Brittney Nichole Linaman

*Justin Hendricks v. Adrionna Hendricks

*Emily Arias v. William Arias

*Stephanie M. Tampellini v. Nathan Hadlock

*Harril Christopher Whitlow v. Kimberly Kenley Whitlow


CASPER -- These were recorded at Wyoming Medical Center. The Star-Tribune prints all births that occur at Wyoming Medical Center, released by the hospital with consent of the mother; as well as home births, and births that may take place outside of Casper to Casper and Glenrock residents because of military deployment, medical reasons or employment.

August 31, 2013

*Boy, Micah Lyan Thurston, to Jerrica & Micah Thurston Jr., Casper

September 2, 2013

*Boy, Fisher Allen, to Jamie & Sean Corrigan, Casper

*Girl, Taylor Donovan, to Heather Wind & Zeke Winter, Evansville

September 3, 2013

*Girl, Breeze Nicole Anne, to Jasmine Alaniz & Roy Edwards, Casper

*Girl, Habeba Ashraf Abdelazim, to Amira Aboelhawa & Ashraf Shahat, Casper

September 4, 2013

*Girl, Elise May, to Melissa Hernandez & Nick Garrison

*Girl, Gage Thomas, to Tanya & Robert Jernigan

*Girl, Brynnleigh Sidnee Piper, to Katherine & Kevin Rohrer, Casper

September 5, 2013

*Girls, Brooklyn & MacKenzie, to Kristie & Andrew Whittle, Casper

*Boy, Everett Mervin, to Roxanne Addison, Casper

*Girl, Vivian Wray, to Jonna & Eric Cubin

*Girl, Jori Micole, to Kassandra & Russyl Newmann, Caper

*Boy, Calvin Dwight, to Julie & Phillip Hand, Glenrock

September 6, 2013

*Boy, Benjamin Christopher, to Amy & Chris Arnold, Casper

*Girl, Reese Emma, to Natalie & Dustin Beck, Casper

September 7, 2013

*Boy, Sawyer Michael, to Kelcey Harvell & Sean Donnelly, Casper

*Boy, Paxton Lee, to Danielle & Michael Elmore, Casper

*Boy, Trenton James, to Christine & Tyler Allemand, Casper


Community News editor Sally Ann Shurmur can be reached at 307-266-0520;; read her blog at; or follow her on Twitter @WYOSAS

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