CASPER -- These licenses were issued in Natrona County between Oct. 3 and Oct. 9, 2012.

*Christopher Lee Griggs and Breanna Marie Rasmussen

*Jesus Abel Caro and Isabel Loera Loera

*Kristopher Lee Garlick and Ashley Gwen Crochere

*Chris Dee Howe and Candice Whitney Hall

*Jason Eli Divillacci and Melissa Kaye Nelson

*Arthur Derk Penrod and Tonia Lea Noriega

*Jason Ray Sandercock and Michelle Ann Hoover

*Gregory Scott Mayo and Laura Rose Ryan


CASPER -- These were granted (made final) in Natrona County and released by the Clerk of District Court's office.

*Karen Marie Jackson v. Andrew Lee Jackson Jr.

*Theresa Dougherty v. Ricky James Dougherty

*Regina Rene Walton v. Scott Hugh Walton

*Shane Aric Ramseier v. Nikki Leeann Ramseier

*Brittany Marie Simpson v. Jacob Alan Simpson

*Donald Bishop v. Susan M. Bishop

*James M. Miller v. Sharon K. Miller

*Adrienne E. Pederson v. Matthew J. Pederson

*Mark M. Eddy v. Erin H. Eddy


CASPER -- These were recorded at Wyoming Medical Center. The Star-Tribune prints all births that occur at Wyoming Medical Center, with consent of the mother; as well as home births, and births that may take place outside of Casper to Casper and Glenrock residents because of military deployment, medical reasons or employment.

October 1, 2012

*Girl, EmmaLee Grace, to Juanita & Andy Camara, Casper

*Girl, Ariah Leigh, to Cherry & Michael Moline, Casper

October 2, 2012

*Boy, Dontiae James, to Koalleen Cooley, Casper

*Girl, Charlotte Lucille, to Jessica & Brad Reese, Casper

*Boy, Owen Ray, to Angie & Brian Shain, Casper

*Girl, Annika Faye, to Sherina & Nicholas Noblitt, Casper

*Girl, Nohelani Jean-Marie, to Valerie Rensler, Casper

October 3, 2012

*Boy, Armando Angel, to Yvonne Reyna & Armando Deniz, Casper

*Girl, Amelia Lee, to Carrie & Chris Patterson, Casper

*Girl, Ivy Marie, to Maggie & Jim Kane, Mills

October 4, 2012

*Boy, Nathan Evan, to Ashley & Christopher Aars, Edgerton

October 5, 2012

*Boy, Zavier Anthony Ray, to Sheila Davenport

October 6, 2012

*Girl, Grace Ma’Lee, to Darlene & Brian Webster, Casper

October 7, 2012

*Boy, Christopher Bradley, to Nicole & Cory Ulferts, Casper

*Girl, Peyton Kay, to Kori & Brian Martinson, Casper

October 8, 2012

*Boy, Terrence Barnett, to Tye & Alfred Brock, Casper

*Girl, Allison Grace, to Jackie & Levi McDonald, Casper

*Boy, Cameron, to Charlene & Mike Hadsell, Casper

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