CASPER — These licenses were issued in Natrona County and released by the County Clerk’s office.

Johnny The Bui and Anh Van Bui

Nealy Ray Dale and Edith LeeAnn Sage

Brian Allan Dixon and Caitlin Marie Vondra

Brandon Scott Luers and Gracie Jean Ann Bartosh

Steven Keith Sanders and Ericka Marie Morgan

Nicholas Steven Jacobs and Sheila Rae Rodine

James Darrell Tobin and Rachel Marie Mockensturm

Ian Daniel Sanford and Madison Danielle Utecht

Patrick Michael Rodgers and Jennifer Michelle DeFreece

Christopher Michael Hobson and Stephanie Jo Strozzi


CASPER — These were made final in Natrona County and released by the Clerk of District Court’s office.

Heather Ann Martin v. Dale Ray Martin

Cara L. Kurth v. William Henry Leiva III

Scott Alan Fischer v. Constance Lynne Fischer

Kevin James Mulholland v. Kristy Kay Mulholland

Margaret A. Haller v. William H. Haller

Pamela Jo Barnhill v. John Jacob Barnhill

Mary Margaret Rushing v. Aaron Andrew Rushing

Randi Richelle Mayberry v. Tabitha Dawn Mayberry

Rachel A. Ernst v. Brennen K. Ernst

Rebeca Mickelson v. Tyler Jason Mickelson

Jody Ann Yetter v. Andrew Daniel Yetter

Orion Donald Remington v. Amber Lee Remington

Justin Michael Mitchum v. Katrena Ann Mitchum

Rachael Elizabeth Panther v. Cody James Fox Panther

Trevor Bain Lange v. Patricia Lange

Angela Lynn Gates v. Adam Eugene Gates

George Elmer McFall v. Joyce Ann McFall

Taylor Lenee Trottier Ortiz v. Marco Antonio Ortiz

Kathryn Anne Seeley Davey v. Daniel Wayne Davey

Candace Mae Alexander v. Keith Alen Alexander

Gail Leslie Mahnke v. Timothy Patrick McIntire

Michelle Amero Hans v. Mathew Hans

James Alan Moffat v. Christine Renee Moffat

Cody Lou Taubert v. Jeffrey Paul Crain

Kara Monpas v. Kemp Cravens


CASPER — These were recorded at Wyoming Medical Center. The Star-Tribune prints all births that occur at Wyoming Medical Center, released by the hospital with consent of the mother; as well as home births, and births that may take place outside of Casper to Casper and Glenrock residents because of military deployment, medical reasons or temporary employment. In the case of unmarried parents, a paternity form must be on file at the hospital for the father to be listed.

Dec. 7, 2017

Girl, Victoria Marie Long, to Chauna Watson of Casper

Dec. 8, 2017

Boy, Liam Micheal, to Krissie Duncan of Casper

Dec. 11, 2017

Girl, Ramsay Anne, to Elizabeth Stone and Dillon Reed of Casper

Boy, Levi Jackson, to Sarah Bass and Ryan Hilyard of Casper

Girl, Keeley Dawn, to Bree and Daniel Uresk of Casper

Boy, Kylar James, to Jeanene and Grant Finn of Casper

Girl, Charlotte Jane, to Haylee and Ryelan Sjostrom of Casper

Dec. 12, 2017

Girl, Myla Joy, to Joy and Craig Shain of Casper

Boy, Elliot, to Enid Mendoza and Esteban Hernandez of Casper

Dec. 13, 2017

Girl, Sophie Lenora, to Jade and Jacob Stutheit of Casper

Boy, Camden Ray, to Hailey and Tanner Doyle of Casper

Girl, Jocelyn Kaymarie, to Alyssa Archuleta of Casper

Dec. 14, 2017

Boy, Elden James, to Darci and Shawn Milam of Casper

Boy, Grayson David, to Hailey Martinez of Mills

Boy, Hunter, to Ashley and Adam Freeman of Casper

Boy, Dusty Jay, to Jaime and Michael Williams of Casper

Dec. 15, 2017

Boy, Taylor Wayne, to Christina and Brett Armstrong of Casper

Dec. 16, 2017

Girl, Marie Loren, to Mia and Jerry Moore of Casper

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