New Civil Cases Filed

*Cristy Wise v. Kevin Crawford, UIFSA


Civil Dismissals Granted

*Marsha K. Magnuson and Fred L. Magnuson v. Olivia Lucette Fernandez-Lopez, dismissed


Civil Judgments Granted

*Cristy Wise v. Kevin Crawford, UIFSA, respondent to pay child support

*Morgan Lin Collums and one minor v. Joshua James Tucker, non paternity, respondent to pay child support, judgment entered against respondent


New Criminal Cases Filed

*Wyoming v. Joshua James Fenton

*Wyoming v. Larry Ray Clapp


Criminal Dismissals Granted

*Wyoming v. Joshua James Flanagan, captioned matter is dismissed


Criminal Judgments Granted

*Wyoming v. Thea Michelle Lafountain, Revon Tye O'Rourke, Thomas Wayne Willson, and Joseph Robert Golkowski, (Revon O'Rourke) appropriate facility 9-11 years

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