New Civil Cases Filed

*Wyoming DFS and one minor v. Katrina E. Welch, child support

*Wyoming DFS, one minor and Arlene R. Ramirez v. Dominic J. Brown, child support

*Wyoming DFS and one minor v. Wanda J. Canaday, child support

*Wyoming DFS, one minor and Laura L. Schaub v. Travis D. Schaub, child support

*Barbara Wheeler v. Theodore Pittman, real property

*Bridget D. Kennedy v. Rodney M. Kennedy, divorce/annulment

*Melody D. Hodgins v. Brandel R. Hodgins, divorce/annulment

*Brian J. Nielson v. Heather C. Nielson, divorce/annulment

*John Aubrey Appleby v. Crystal Appleby, divorce/annulment

Civil Judgments Granted

*Wyoming DFS and two minors v. Linda Gail Schumann and Daniel Tomas Ooka, paternity or parental rights, judgment granted

*Wyoming DFS and one minor v. Robert William Henze and Tina Prill, paternity, judgment granted

*Daniel Joseph Wolosin v. Amber Marie Crain regarding one minor, non paternity

*Kristyanna M. Roberson and one minor v. Andre Harper, non paternity, order establishing paternity, custody, visitation and child support

Criminal Judgments Granted

*Wyoming v. Roberto M. Jimenez Beltran, 3 years supervised probation

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