What’s a day like in Wyoming’s libraries? It’s a day of discovery, learning and fun. That’s what library users across the state said on Wyoming Snapshot Day, October 15. More than 70 libraries of all types — public, academic, school and special — gathered photos and stories to show the tremendous impact they have on their communities every single day.

“My library is one of the most important joys of my life and has been since I was old enough to read!” Myra Woolley said at the Thayne Branch Library. “I don’t have a college degree but I have been educated tremendously by enjoying the library regularly.”

The Wyoming State Library estimates that on Snapshot Day alone there were 37,759 visits to public, academic and school libraries. In public libraries, an estimated 2,596 people used public computers and 909 children and teens attended programs. Together, public and community college libraries circulated 21,477 items and issued 147 new library cards — all in one day.

Behind each of those numbers is a story. Rosanne at Converse County Library said, “I love my library because it is not only a library where our homeschooling family can rent valuable resources, but the librarians are also family. The people that work there genuinely care about us and we care about them. There are books and there is love in our library.”

The library is a support for those working to improve their lives. One inmate at the Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution said his library meant “having the ability to stimulate my thought process, to enlighten and engage the things that provide meaning to life.”

Students at all levels find the library an invaluable resource for learning. “The library is incredibly important to me,” said one student at the Laramie County Community College, Albany County Campus. “It’s where I go not only for peace and quiet, but for resources and a great place to relax and study before class.” And for one Cheyenne East High School student, “the library is my happy place, where I can travel to so many worlds without leaving my chair.”

Wyoming libraries inform, educate and entertain every day thanks to the work of their librarians and the support of their communities. For more information on Wyoming Snapshot Day including photos, videos and all comments, visit wyomingsnapshot.weebly.com.

Community editor Sally Ann Shurmur can be reached at 307-266-0520; sallyann.shurmur@trib.com.

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