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The University of Wyoming accorded degrees upon the following students from Natrona County at the completion of the 2017 fall term.

The following degrees may be included on this list: BA (Bachelor of Arts); BAS (Bachelor of Applied Science); BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts); BS (Bachelor of Science); BSME (Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering); BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing); CERT (Certificate); MA (Master of Arts); MBA (Master of Business Administration); and MS (Master of Science).

Students are:

Bar Nunn: Ruslan Zhelbakov BAS


A: Theresa Albrecht BS, Danielle J. Anderson BS.

B: Joshua Connor Barta BS, Paul B. Bonifas MBA and MS, Valerie J. Brus CERT.

C: Casey J. Campbell BS, Alyssa Katherine Canepa BA, Logan S. Carey BS, Erin Christensen MA, Daniel Cisneros BA, Emilybeth W. Curtis MS.

F: Yvonne A. Freemole BS

G: Jordan Gill BA, Paul A. Gilmore BAS.

H: Caleb Haack BS, Caleb B. Hardt BS, Lewis William Hein BS, Kurt M. Hill BS, Kristen N. Hite BS, Manford Hurley CERT.

J: Drew T. Jaussaud BA, Brandon J. Jordan BA.

K: Eric Michael Kenyon BSME

L: Brittany Larson BSN, Gabriel Scott Lattimer BS, Kiana Leisz BS, Heather M. Loraas BS.

M: Craig A. Mitchell BFA, Sally Ann Murray BS.

N: Neil Robert Neuberger MBA and MS

O: Madeline Joanne Onstott BA and BS

R: Jordan Rutar BS

S: Leia S. Schuler BAS, Linda K. Snyder CERT and MA.

T: Heather Thomas BS, Sharon Michelle Totsch BS.

W: JD Wolfe BAS

Mills: Rondi Vollmar BSN.


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Sally Ann Shurmur arrived at the Star-Tribune to cover sports two weeks after graduating from the University of Wyoming and now serves as community news editor. She was raised in Laramie and is a passionate fan of Cowboys football, food and family.

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