When I was 3, my parents strapped me onto a pair of mini-Rossignol skis and hoped for the best.

I vaguely remember a teacher explaining how to make a piece of pizza with those skis – tips together, tails apart. If we were to continue the fast-food analogy, I must have preferred French fries.

To my mother’s horror, skis pointed straight down the hill seemed like the best call for me. I somehow lived to laugh at the stories.

But downhill skiing was cold, and I hated the cold. Sitting on the chairlift at the Hogadon Ski Area on Casper Mountain as wind pierced through my clothes, I wondered if my fingers would ever come back to life. My whining was something of legend.

By middle school, my older brother had picked up Nordic skiing, so I joined the hardy group of souls who really do think it’s fun to go up and down hills – it’s more than walking on snow, I promise.

I raced through middle and high school and then on the University of Wyoming’s team. Downhill skiing, and its frigid lifts and blustering winds, was a thing of my childhood.

But now as an adult, with a daughter of my own, I wonder if it’s worth trying again. Hogadon Ski Area has a new lodge. It even offers newbies a package of a daily lift ticket, rental and a 2-hour lesson for cheaper than just a rental and lift ticket.

Maybe I’ll take the advice offered in the latest issue of Roam Wyoming, and try something new – or new again.

In the magazine – which you will find sandwiched in today’s paper – is everything you need to get started. It has weekend adventures for the small, medium and large budgets. Gear reviews for holiday presents and tips on how to begin skiing or snowshoeing. It even has a winter day’s worth of recipes to keep you nourished on whatever adventure winter brings.

So grab a copy and flip through its pages. Let me know if you like or don’t like something.

If you see me on the slopes this winter muddling my way through something I haven’t done in decades, have patience. And if you have been thinking of trying a new winter sport, do it. Make this winter yours.

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