As winter settles in, is there an outbreak of cabin fever at your house? Don’t hibernate the season away. Embrace the chill. Bundle up and head outside.

Taste the season: Not all snowflakes are created equal. Wait for the biggest, fluffiest flakes to catch on the tip of your tongue.

Close up: Let a snowflake land on your glove. Examine it closely. Does it have branches and feathering, or is it round like a tiny marble? Black construction paper also works well for snowflake inspection.

Build a snow buddy. You can’t build a snowman when it’s warm out. Don’t just build a person, though. Let your imagination go wild. Construct your favorite critter.

Spray painting. A snowy park or backyard is a blank canvas. Fill spray bottles with water and food coloring, and you’ve got all you need to paint a picture in the snow.

Snowball fight: Don’t fight with your brother and sister…unless it’s a snowball fight. Team up or have a free-for-all where the last player to get hit wins. Either way, you’re never too old for this classic sport.

Obstacle course: Create your own obstacle course and run the gauntlet. Stack up drifts to make hurdles. Weave between piles like a pole bender. Time yourself and race the clock.

Take a hike: The woods and the prairie look different under a blanket of snow. Explore your favorite trails. Try snowshoes. They’ll help you walk on top of the snow.

Animal tracking: Snow season reveals many of nature’s secrets. Look for animal tracks left behind. Another animal sign to look for is scat, which is the fancy term for animal poop.

Try ice fishing: The water might be frozen over, but that shouldn’t stop you from catching a fish. Wyoming’s lakes and reservoirs are ice fishing hot spots.

Ice skating: Many communities have indoor or outdoor skating rinks. No skates? No worries! Play a game of broomball instead.

Starry nights: Long winter nights provide plenty of time for astronomy. Look for Orion on cold clear nights. The three stars in his belt are the easiest to find.