Hey, Answer Girl,

I’ve read that bed bugs live in library books. What does the Natrona County Library do to kill bed bugs before reshelving returned books? – Grossed Out

Dear Grossed Out,

The Natrona County Library is in the process of purchasing a bed bug killing heater right now, said Gayla Peterman, circulation manager. She recently attended a workshop on bed bugs in libraries at the Public Library Association conference. The heaters are little ovens that can be used to heat books and other materials to 120 to 130 F, which kills bed bugs. The heaters range in price from about $200 to $700, she said.

Currently, library employees inspect all returned materials for damage and bed bugs prior to reshelving them. They have found bed bugs only once, according to Peterman. It was about a year ago. A pesticide was used to kill the bed bugs, but it was a hassle to get the pesticide off the materials.

Library materials will continue to be inspected upon return. If there is anything suspicious, the media and anything near it will be put in the heater.

"If we can stop them before they come in all of the way to the library, that's the important thing," Peterman said.

Peterman urges the public not to microwave library books, a practice some library-goers use to sterilize books on loan. All library books have a little metal tag that can start a fire if microwaved, ruining the book and your microwave.

Hey, Answer Girl,

I was wondering if you could find out what happened to the Denny's restaurant that they talked about building here. Sure would be nice to have one. -- Thank you, Jim

Dear Jim,

The City of Casper has issued building permits for the Denny's and a hotel, according to Craig Collins, associate planner. An April Star-Tribune article said both would open in the spring of this year, with the restaurant opening a bit earlier than the hotel.

Narender Taneja, president and CEO of JJM Group Hotels in Casper, said in an email last week the company is waiting for financing to close and construction will start soon.

Hey, Answer Girl,

Why have the street stripes at the intersection of Wyoming Boulevard and Wyoming Highway 20/26 in Mills worn off already? Are they ever going to be fixed? -- Shane

Dear Shane,

The stripes wore off because of the cold weather, but they will be repainted, according to Jeff Goetz, spokesman for the Wyoming Department of Transportation.

"Once the temp gets to freezing or below, the paint quits curing," Goetz wrote in an email.

It will be striped again when weather permits.

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