Kenyne Humphrey

Casper Mayor Kenyne was first elected in 2006.

Alan Rogers, Star-Tribune

Casper Mayor Kenyne Humphrey is recovering from a concussion, she explained at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting.

Humphrey said she fell and injured her head recently after tripping in her home. The mayor said she suffered a concussion and is struggling with short-term memory loss.

Explaining that she wasn’t feeling well, Humphrey instructed Vice Mayor Ray Pacheco to lead Tuesday’s meeting. The mayor ended up leaving the meeting early.

Humphrey said Wednesday that she is unsure how the accident occurred. She woke on the floor of her home with a sore head on the morning of Dec. 4. The mayor initially thought she was fine, but sought medical treatment after her co-workers noticed she was walking off-balance and slurring her words.

Doctors diagnosed her with a concussion and said it could take up to six weeks to fully recuperate, said Humphrey. She returned to work Tuesday and expects to be capable of leading next week’s City Council ouncil meeting.

“I think by next week I should be pretty good,” she said, adding that she will instruct the vice mayor to take over again if she feels poorly.

Humphrey has represented Ward 3 on the council since 2006. This is her fourth term as mayor, a year-long position decided internally by council members.

She works as the administrator of Mountain Plaza Assisted Living. In August, she announced she wouldn’t be running for re-election when her term expires in December 2018.


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