Casper Municipal Court will be the first in Wyoming to use a New Dawn Technologies court management system, according to the company’s press release.

At a meeting earlier this month, the Casper City Council authorized a $145,616 contract with New Dawn Technologies Inc. for a court case management system called JustWare.

Court Manager Joshua Bake said the system is expected to save the court staff time with routine tasks and increase the number of reports the court can produce. It is also expected to streamline court processes for the alcohol court, which should begin in November.

“Automation is going to be one of the key things with the new software,” Bake said. “We’ll be able to automatically generate a bunch of the business processes that we currently do.”

Bake said the system will be installed and staff members will undergo training over the next four to five months. Justice Web, which will allow online access to public information and records, could be ready in six months to a year because of additional precautions the court must take with private information.

Justice Web will include electronic view, payment, discovery and filing capabilities, according to the release.

Although this will be the first JustWare municipal court system in Wyoming, Bake said New Dawn Technologies currently provides other legal systems to state professionals. The city is switching to the new system from one provided by Southern Automated Systems Inc.

“The problem is, our old system, we’ve just had a lot of problems with and we haven’t been able to do a lot of the things that it should do,” he said.

City employees will receive initial training and continued support after a phased implementation, according to the release. Employees will also have the chance to attend an annual training conference, which this year will be held Sept. 25-28 in Logan, Utah.

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