Skyline Towers has another month to meet the city’s deadline for installation of a fire sprinkler and alarm system.

Mark Harshman, Casper Fire-EMS division chief, said Skyline’s management was given an extension to Feb. 15 because asbestos was found in the building’s drywall.

“It’s in the Sheetrock material, which is not unusual for Sheetrock of that vintage,” he said.

Skyline Towers was built in the 1960s, a time when asbestos was a common construction material. The fibers mainly cause problems with lung function, according to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration website.

Harshman said the apartment complex contains a small amount of asbestos, though, and residents have been able to remain there while work continues. The air will be monitored after the sprinkler system is installed to ensure the level of hazardous fibers is not higher than it was before the system was placed.

Asbestos abatement and fire system installation began about two weeks ago.

“We’re pleased with their progress,” Harshman said.

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City council could not wait to close the house of hope for sprinkler system issues. and i think if the city tossed out the old folks in this place there woul be a tar and feathering going on downtown. but i pose the question what the hell was the difference? house of hope did not have asbestis problems and they could not wait to kill that place so much so they had to relocate to another city altogether. somethings wrong with this town. " not to long ago there was a man who has asbestis floor tile in his trailers" and its was a health and safety issue, he was ticketed and eventually his property was taken for fines he could not pay. "it just amazes me the how the system works here. kinda like duck duck goose.

Piano Man

The city needs the property. Bottom line. Too bad the walls dont talk at the planning level while the citizens sleep.


Then why would they give them an extension?


Get a grip Carlover. You come off like a babbling, paranoid nut.

House of hope NEVER implemented a plan to do anything. No sprinkler company every started work, approved a plan, anything.

Skyline towers is actually doing what they should to help the residents. That is the difference. Instead of expecting to get their butts kissed by the city, the management is actually taking steps to rectify the problem. It is taking longer than planned, but the work is in process.

House of hope just used the "we're doing a community service, so the city should pay for everything and we should be exempt from the rules."

Big difference here.


Tears ago while working the oil patch in Wyoming we used to mix asbestos fiber in drilling mud. Seems there was never any concern for a roughnecks health back then,yet now days it's all about getting rid of the stuff. Makes one feel like he was a guinea pig.


If you have Mesothelyoma caused by aspestoes, call we want to screw you to. At 1-800-

Sorry rigrat couldn't help myself.

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