Police investigating the Nov. 30 killings at Casper College found suicide notes inside the suspect’s car and at an unspecified location on the campus, a court document shows.

An officer found one note in Chris Krumm’s Subaru Forester, which officers found in a college parking lot. Krumm left a second, typed note at the college, but the court document doesn’t specify the exact location.

Authorities mentioned the suicide notes in an affidavit seeking warrants to search Krumm’s car, and the college offices of Jim Krumm and Heidi Arnold, the two people killed in the attacks. Both were instructors at the school and Jim Krumm was the suspect’s father.

At a press conference the day after the attack, Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh indicated authorities had found notes left by the suspect. He did not identify exactly where the notes were discovered.

Police say Chris Krumm shot his father with a bow and arrow before repeatedly stabbing the 56-year-old inside a classroom at the Wold Physical Science Center. The younger Krumm then turned the knife on himself.

Responding officers found both men inside Jim Krumm’s classroom. Jim Krumm was already dead. His son showed signs of life, but medics were unable to revive him.

Class was in session at the time of the attack, but the four to six students inside managed to escape without injury.

Authorities suspect Chris Krumm killed Arnold, his father’s girlfriend, outside her Casper home earlier that morning. Police found the 42-year-old Arnold’s body at roughly 9:15 a.m. They received the first call from the college at 9:06.

Officers found Chris Krumm’s Forester in a parking lot southeast of the science center. An arrow identical to those found inside the science building was left in plain sight on the passenger seat, according to the affidavit. An investigator also found a suicide note, which was also in plain sight.

The note is also mentioned in an evidence log from the car, according to a copy filed in Natrona County Circuit Court. Officers reported finding $1,100 in cash, a birth certificate, NRA pistol course certificates, and a room key from the Shiloh Inn. Krumm checked in at the Evansville motel the day before the attacks, according to a worker.

Investigators suspect Krumm, 25, drove to Casper from his home in Vernon, Conn. — a distance of almost 2,000 miles. They found receipts from hotels in La Porte, Ind., and Grand Island, Neb. Both cities are along Interstate 80, the most direct route.

Police have not released a motive for the slayings. A neighbor in Vernon said Chris Krumm expressed anger at his father for giving him Asperger’s Syndrome, a disorder on the autism spectrum.

Krumm is the only suspect in the slayings, according to police.

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Sally Doss
Sally Doss

They must investigate the case and its litigation support to whom the notes of suicide and students be careful to show opposition of suicide with him/her.

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