A Casper bail bond company will join celebrity bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman on Saturday’s episode of "Dog and Beth: On the hunt."

Chapman visited Casper in June and assisted Action Bail Bonds for his CMT program. His wife, Beth, and son, Leland, were also spotted around town.

The Casper episode is scheduled to premiere at 7 p.m. local time on cable channel CMT. Check local listings for more information.

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Casper Proud
Casper Proud

Shame on them! He was out on bond, waiting for trial, and Action decided to add some drama and called the show. They then revoked his bond, and sent the "Dog". He and his family did not deserve this. If the public doesnt see thru this blatant scam, they are no better. Action then went over to the jail and repost his bond after they were done with their little drama. He should lose his license.


From the word go he was wrong in his actions and needs to take responsibility for those actions instead of blaming everyone else. I don't feel bad for him, he did this to himself. I do however feel terrible for the Sterkel family. I wish he would realize the effect this has had on them.
Secondly them portraying him as an Iraq war vet is extremely inaccurate...yes he was in the military and was deployed, he is not highly trained in hand to hand combat. There were also so many other falsehoods they portrayed him as.
Take pride in your family name and your military history...what a disappointment.


Isn't he back in jail again because his bond was again revoked? Poor him, I'm sure he is getting picked on again.


Proud, you seem to be mistaken. His bond was revoked because he wasn't following the conditions of the bond, as set by Action. And they only reposted his bond because there was a clerical error and they HAD to. If you find it so difficult to believe that Joe wouldn't follow the rules, maybe you should know that last week his federal bond was revoked because he was caught doing things he was ordered not to do, and he's currently sitting in jail awaiting the federal sentencing.

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