Natrona County Assessor Susan DeWitt will retire from her post Dec. 31 after nearly 20 years of service in Natrona County.

DeWitt, a Republican elected to the office in the 1994 general election, announced her retirement in a brief letter to the Natrona County Commission on Thursday. Her position is up for election in the fall of 2014, Natrona County Elections Deputy Clerk Chris Lindsey said.

Commission Chairman Bill McDowell sent a letter to the Natrona County Republican Party on Friday alerting party leadership of the retirement. Upon receiving the letter, the party will have 15 days to provide the Natrona County Commission three candidates to temporarily fill the position, after which the commission will appoint an interim assessor.

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Lets see... McDowell could hire Adecco to find his buddy Opella to fill the job?


Bill McDowell needs to resign his position as Commissioner of Natrona County and also his position as a trustee of the Wyoming Medical Center. After reading his letter to the Natrona County Republican Party we understand that he is confused and is possibly suffering from Alzheimer's or alcoholism or something that causes him to think irrationally. The letter is supposed to address the resignation of Susan Dewitt from her job as County Assessor. The letter explains "Susan Dewitt will be resigning his position as Sheriff of Natrona County." This display of ignorance from William "Bill" McDowell cannot be tolerated by the citizens of Natrona County. If no resignation is forthcoming in the near future, we the voters of Natrona County will make sure he never gets voted in for any seat in the county.


Wow McDowell really is a moron.

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