A 14-year-old girl went missing from her residence in Natrona County on Sunday, and the sheriff’s office is seeking the public’s assistance in locating her.

Madison Utecht was last seen between 9 and 9:30 p.m. Sunday. She is believed to have left her residence off U.S. Highway 20/26 on foot that night after others in the house went to bed, said Lt. Gus Holbrook of the Natrona County Sheriff's Office.

Utecht left a note and reportedly took a sleeping bag with her, Holbrook said. Her family lives on 100 acres of land, and she does not have any access to transportation. Officials declined to release the contents of the note.

Holbrook said no foul play is suspected, and Utecht is not believed to be suicidal.

Utecht is homeschooled, does not have a cell phone and doesn’t have many friends, authorities say.  She is described as 5 feet, 5 inches tall and weighs 115 pounds. She has blue eyes and long blonde hair.

Authorities ask that anyone with knowledge of the girl’s whereabouts contact the Natrona County Sheriff’s Office at 307-235-9282.

Reach crime reporter Megan Cassidy at 307-266-0534 or megan.cassidy@trib.com. Follow her on Twitter @meganrcassidy.

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Someone please find this sweet being!
Her mother has recently passed and I pray she finds her way back home.
Dear God,
May she be found safe and sound.


Is there a better photo, by chance? No criticism meant, not in any way. But the netter the photo, the more someone might recognize her.

I am hoping and praying that she is found. One more teen lost is one teen too many!!


It is coming up on night number five that Madison has been missing. Are there any orgainized searches being done for her? What about bringing in the canine team from Cody, WY to see if they can track her before it gets too late? Perhaps CERT could be orgainized to do a search such as done in the past in Natrona County for missing adults?

Perhaps an alert could be put out on the electronic highway signs asking for people to be looking for her. What about putting out more information about what she may have been wearing, carrying, etc... and perhaps a last known direction? Maybe it will jog the memory of people who may have bene driving along Highway 20-26 on Sunday evening.

Sunday May 12th was Mother's Day and there is a good chance there was a high amount of emotions running through the family on that day that must have been hard. Was there a disagreement or was Madison just needing some alone time to grieve for the loss of her mom on a tough day?

Public record shows that Madison's home is on the WEST side of Highway 20-26- out past the airport just so people have a better idea of where it is believed she may have been walking. Did anyone see her?

Madison may have left on her own accord but it has been almost FIVE NIGHTS and Madison is only 14 years old! What if this was your daughter moms and dads who live in Natrona County? Isn't there more as a community that we can be doing to help this family out? Can we print up fliers, do a ground search, call in a trained SAR unit - one of the best in the nation is right in Cody. Madison was said to have left with a sleeping bag. To me that means she wasn't headed towards a friend's house in town somewhere. She brought protection for being in the elements. Is she lost? Did someone pick Madison up and now she can't contact someone? Casper, let's pull together and pool our resources and find this little girl!


Read the other articles. Her mother passed away in December. And she took a sleeping bag six bottles of water and a loaf of bread. And snow boots

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