Robert Veal

Robert Veal

Casper police arrested a local man on Thursday night on suspicion of assaulting another man with a knife and battering a woman.

Police have recommended that prosecutors charge Robert J. Veal with aggravated assault and misdemeanor domestic battery. He was expected to appear in court Friday afternoon.

Veal told an arresting police officer that he was acting in self defense, according to court documents.

Both alleged victims said that Veal was intoxicated at the time of the incident.

The alleged battery victim texted a male friend around 8:30 p.m. and told him Veal had assaulted her, according to the documents. The woman later told police Veal had thrown her to the ground and sat on her chest before smashing her personal belongings and calling her by a racial slur.

When the male friend arrived, he parked in Veal’s driveway, according to court documents. When the woman left the house, Veal began shouting at her and the male friend got out of his vehicle “to make sure she was OK,” according to police.

Veal approached the man with a sharp object, which the man said he thought was a knife. The two men slipped on the ice and began wrestling before the man realized he was bleeding from his face. The man punched Veal in the face a couple times, he told police.

Veal’s father, who arrived as Veal was allegedly assaulting the man, pulled the two men apart, he told police. He then gave the alleged victim a towel to stem the bleeding and told him to drive to the hospital, according to the documents.

Veal’s father told police he may have inadvertently washed a knife used in the alleged assault. He told police he did not know a knife was used in the incident and invited them in to the house to search for the knife.

Both alleged victims were hospitalized the same night. A police officer wrote that the man had a “rather large slash mark under (his) eye and above his right eye on his eye lid,” according to the documents.

Police arrested Veal at the Seventh Street house the same night. He said he was acting in self defense before requesting a lawyer and declining to answer further questions.

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