Those booked in are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Casper Police Department

Felony charges

*Shy Edward Abeyta, 18, aggravated assault

*Daniel Robert Burch, 25, assault on a police officer, interference with police, bond revocation

*Gary W. Butler, 40, NCIC hit

*Troy Lynn Graves, 35, hold for probation and parole

*Mark Allen Page, 20, robbery

*Bennie Dave Sockowski, 42, NCIC hit

*Nevada Shawn Whiting, 18, auto burglary, public intoxication, minor in possession-state

*Jasper Sunshine Wimber, 31, criminal bench warrant, hold for probation and parole, interference

DWUI misdemeanor charges

*Kyle Leftridge Dawson, 37, DWUI, no insurance

*Jim Edward George, 38, DWUI

*Charles Eugene Hardy, 58, DWUI

*James Wayne McFall, 34, DWUI

*Tony R. Snowden, 28, DWUI, public intoxication, turn signals-failure to use, speeding

*Joshua David Soester, 21, DWUI, DUS w/o FR, complete auto insurance

*Richard Alan Turman, 30, DWUI

Misdemeanor charges

*Herman Eric Addison, 24, fail to comply, fail to appear, county warrant/hold for other agency

*Brianna Jennifer Alley, 27, fail to comply

*Katherine Jean Atkinson, 42, fail to appear, 2 criminal bench warrants

*Clinton Adam Bilek, 25, fail to appear

*Tara Ann Bullock, 28, fail to appear

*Jordan Jeffrey-Salvado Cantu, 18, fail to appear

*Jed Palmer Cole, 25, public intoxication, open container-space/structure

*Ted Johnathan Eckley, 50, public intoxication

*Denise Faith Elliott, 21, 2 failures to comply

*Mark Benjamin Liszewski, 22, fail to appear

*Nick Louis Mandis, 55, fail to appear

*Richard Lee McVay III, 28, public intoxication

*Jennifer Lydia Miera, 36, 2 failures to comply

*William Jesse Moore, 30, criminal bench warrant

*Joseph Harlan Patterson, 24, fail to appear

*Brett Allen Petley, 20, suspended/revoked driver's license

*Tyler Christopher Lee Phillips, 21, fail to appear

*Labin Joseph Siplon, 23, fail to appear

*John Paul Strong, 21, suspended/revoked driver's license

*Barbara June Stuart, 49, public intoxication

*Johnny Lee Stubbs, 45, fail to appear

*Savanna Rose Sylvester, 19, shoplifting

*Harlan Dee Taylor, 49, fail to comply

Lindsey Anne Watson, 27, public intoxication, trespassing

Mills Police Department

DWUI misdemeanor charges

*Megan Ann Juarez, 24, DWUI, DUS

Misdemeanor charges

*John James Conn Jr., 51, fail to comply

*Isaac James Cordova, 27, fail to comply

*Malachi Daniel Moore, 24, 2 failures to comply, interference with police

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