Here is the activity in the Seventh District Court.

New Civil Cases Filed

*NCO Financial Systems Inc. v. Richard Theodore McGurn, collections

*Brenda Lee Koehn v. Joseph Nelson Johnson, termination of parental rights

*Michelle Ann Alexander v. Christopher James Alexander, divorce/annulment

*Curtis K. Li MD v. Diane Hubbard and Med-Tronic Billing Service, miscellaneous

*Judy Gress v. Daniel L Price Jr., and Mountain States Adjustment, appeals

*Lucille Cecellia Taboada v. Jesus Rodriguez Taboada, civil

*First Resolution Investment v. Sterling W. Miller, contract actions

*Jerry Ragsdale v. James B. Nachtman, auto tort-PI

*Shevawn Esterline v. Robert Esterline Jr., divorce/annulment

*Robyn Lynette Lewis v. Lee David Lewis, divorce/annulment

*NCO v. Mary E. Hurd, miscellaneous

*NCO v. Tanya S. Spargur, miscellaneous

*NCO v. Don C. Glaser, miscellaneous

*Credit Acceptance v. Dennis McVay and Angela McVay, contract actions

*Terri L. Lunsford v. Anthony S. Lunsford, divorce/annulment

Civil Satisfaction of Judgments Granted

*Western Vista Federal Credit Union v. Nathan B. Reams and Lisa H. Reams, plaintiff acknowledges satisfaction of judgment in full

Civil Judgments Granted

*George Fauber v. Kelli K. Fauber, child custody and child support modified

*Tina Marie Gonzales v. Timothy Wayne Gonzales, plaintiff state of Wyoming awarded judgment against defendant

*Jeffrey Casper v. Ageeth Sluis, divorce/annulment, defendant awarded judgment against plaintiff for sanctions

*Wyoming DFS and minor v. Joshua Ian Bates and Stephanie M. Tampellini, judgment granted

*Wyoming DFS and minor v. Joshua L. Finley and Myra Gomez, paternity, judgment granted

*Wyoming DFS and two minors v. Kevin L. McKinney and Margaret A. Turley, paternity

*Wyoming DFS and two minors v. Dustin Crapo and Kay M. Carabajal, paternity, judgment granted

Criminal Dismissals Granted

*State v. Phillip Cosman, dismissal of charges and order closing

*State v. Cheryl Marie Jasmann, dismissed

*State v. Jeffrey Anderson, dismissed

*State v. Michael Craig Hartle, probation revoked

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