CASPER - These licenses were granted in Natrona County between May 24 and May 30, 2006.

*Jeremy John Cherer and Margaret Frances Fernelius

*Gregory Ray Russell and Stacy Michele Harvey

*Mark Jonathan Hamrick and Shelby Nicole Moore

*James Louis Aronow and Karen Marie Jensen

*Joseph Jesse Latimer and Somer Kay Sanborn

*William Dale Bottom and Kristi Lynn Kelley

*Paul Allen Ponder and Michelle Renee Windsor

*Robert T. Nirenberg and Elizabeth Rae Bruhnke

*Brandon Cody Beckstead and Jennifer Ann Ogg

*Paul Treaver Givens and Michelle Holly Gabrielson

*Gregory Allen Stewart and Crystal Lee Pholman

*Jerry David Payne and Tiffany Rae Johnson

*Jesus Joshua Ortega-O'Brien and Fabiola del Carmen Alvarado

*Russell Darrell Barrett and Delea Kathleen Willis

*Bruce Paul English and Linda Marie Whitaker

*Felix Garcia III and Veronica Jurado

*Bruce Allan Brooks and Janet Dorothy Koch

*Matthew Scott Shipman and Denise Ann Jones

*Adam Otero Pallares and Hilda Karim Brown

*Jason Christopher Bohl and Sara Elizabeth Theiss

*Earl Robert Sjogren and Chelsea Nichole Rodrick


CASPER - These were granted in Natrona County between May 30 and May 31, 2006.

*Marla Kay Cox v. Garald Loren Cox

*Luke A. Werner v. Arlene R. Werner

*Donald Robert Brownlee v. Cassi Michelle Brownlee

*Tina K. Powell v. Jesse O. Powell Jr.

*Robert H. Benson v. Julie Renee Benson

*Cory Gene Bauer v. Michelle Lynette Waddy

*Celisa Marie Maciech v. Stefan Taras Maciech

*Kreeta Ann Campbell v. Craig Michael Campbell


CASPER - These were recorded at Wyoming Medical Center.

March 2, 2006

*Girl, Annalise Kathryn, to Tassma & Rick Koehmstedt, Casper

May 8, 2006

*Girl, Auroura May, to Maria & Greg Richardson, Casper

May 16, 2006

*Girls, Emily May & Andrea Dawn, to Brandy Boatman & Jeremiah Bassler

May 17, 2006

*Girl, Tyasia Makayla, to Charla & Qugshon Smith, Casper

May 18, 2006

*Boy, Dallen James, to Brandi & Stuart Atnip, Casper

*Boy, Justin John, to Fallon Bullock & Russell Gebhardt, Casper

*Boy, Dagan Bleys, to Terri Cobb & Josh Dunbar, Casper

*Girl, Kazden Azaya, to Tana Hossack, Mills

*Boy, Issac Brandon, to Amber Jensen, Casper

*Girl, Angaletha Victoria Marie, to Melissa Sullivan, Casper

*Boy, Neveh, to Misty Tucker, Casper

May 19, 2006

*Boy, Colten John, to Carla & Stephen Dickerson, Evansville

*Boy, Anthony Joseph, to Kimberly & Christopher Eads, Casper

*Boy, Arden Drake, to Ashlee Rowland & Matthew Miller, Casper

May 20, 2006

*Girl, Julissa Taracina, to Brittany Cardenas & Mike Vega, Casper

*Boy, Braxton Anton, to April & Jason DeLong, Casper

*Boy, Jacob Patrick Kelley Allen, to Lacey Korn & Joshua Allbritton, Casper

May 21, 2006

*Boy, Jaden Danieal, to Carrie Burd & Tomas Quiroz, Casper

*Girl, Brook Ashley, to Wendy & Jason Carsten, Mills

*Boy, Noah Ezekiel, to Kayla & Bradley Davis, Gillette

May 22, 2006

*Girl, Kylie Shae, to Constance & Michael O'Brien, Casper

May 23, 2006

*Boy, Jake Gage, to Tammy & Jayson Anderson, Casper

*Girl, Chloe Nicole, to Stephanie Harshman & Jason Soester, Casper

May 24, 2006

*Boy, Cristopf Thomas Rance, to Kristen & Jeffrey Atkinson, Casper

*Girl, Allison Miranda, to Kimberly Dunbar & Ray Judkins, Casper

*Boy, Hagan John, to Kasey & John Muir, Casper

*Girl, Shaylee Marie, to Wendy & Jeffery Rosales, Casper

May 25, 2006

*Girl, Lila Jayde, to Jody Carter, Casper

*Girl, Tailynn Jolee, to Tara & Jason Dye, Casper

*Girl, Shelby Ann, to Teresa & Bart Stricklin, Casper

*Boy, Carroll Thomas DaVonte, to Lakeysha Wallace & Carroll Manning, Casper

May 26, 2006

*Boy, Ethan William, to Jennifer & Hoagie Hall, Casper

*Girl, Jasmine Nicole, to Stacy & Jeremy Higgs, Casper

May 27, 2006

*Boy, Lucas James, to Jessica & James Benson, Evansville

*Boy, Seth Kenney, to Trina & Scott Peppersack, Casper

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