CASPER - These licenses were issued in Natrona County between May 7 and May 13, 2008.

*Justin Chad Haigler and Jamie Lynn Housholder

*Sean Robert Gelles and Courtney Rae Moxley

*Steven Michael McCabe and Desire Lee Cashman

*Gregory Thomas Loomis and Yiping Xie

*Sean Alan Baker and Dorothy Louise Crowe

*Patrick M. Baker and Donna Irene Zagrabelny

*Adam Ernest Tower and Erin Rae Crisman

*Tyler Burton Holthouse and Trudi Michelle McMurry-Davis

*Shawn Seven Houck and Ami Jolene Hansen

*Stephen Matthew Ledbetter and Joan Marie Goodale

*Kyle Bryce Sisco and Brenda Anne Fisher

*Dennis Jon-Anthony Winter and Joyce Annette Schult

*Lawrence Edward Bennett and Leah Anela Edwards

*Kristin Erik Maher and Cecilia Carol Hayes

*Kenneth Lee Dalton Jr., and Misty Marie Baca Croley

*Matthew Mikel Farrington and Ronni Lea Smith

*Jorge Alberto Melara Lopez and Audra Sue Palmero

*Robert Charles Zieman II and Megan Renee Puckett

*Henry Jesse Mitts and Joy Janette Large

*Joshua James Olsen and Karen Sue Custard

*Chad August Lewis and Susan Marie Sheridan

*Joseph Warren Kappen and Michelle Marie Barry


CASPER - These were granted in Natrona County.

*Amber Leah Thronburg v. Rex James Thronburg

*Marianne Kubasti v. Robert Kubasti

*Michael Darrel Winn v. Marion Louise Winn

*Adel Kae Hampton v. Hank Allen Hampton

*Downita L. Burge v. Davey J. Burge

*George Edward LeGrand Jr., v. Tanja Denise LeGrand

*Bruce L. Barnes v. Gail E. Barnes

*Shad Lewis Scott v. Billie June Scott


CASPER - These were recorded at Wyoming Medical Center.

May 5, 2008

*Boy, Parklen Jacob, to Amanda & Devan Henderson, Casper

May 6, 2008

*Boy, Quinn James, to Jennifer & Chad Alvar, Casper

*Boy, Kenneth Aleksey, to Jacqueline Chavarria, Casper

*Boy, Tyson Pratt, to Patrea & Chad Griffeth, Casper

*Boy, Gerik Wayne, to Brenda & Cole Orszulak, Glenrock

*Girl, Sydney Sue Joellie, to Misty Sosa & Michael Chase, Casper

May 7, 2008

*Boy, Dillon Keith, to Leah & Nathan Lange, Evansville

*Boy, Timothy HaNeul, to SeiHyun Sarah & Jonathan Schrack, Casper

*Boy, Jayce Oscar, to Heather Smith & Edmond Spears, Casper

May 8, 2008

*Boy, Quinn Alexander, to Martha Ledbetter & Jeremy Wimmer, Casper

*Boy, Teagon Jett, to Shandiin & Kyle Kilgore, Casper

*Boy, Trevyn Korey, to Jeanette & Craig Wright, Casper

May 10, 2008

*Girl, Madison Lynn, to Crystal & Chris Carpenter, Mills

*Boy, Hunter Larry Scott, to Jacquelyn Po lzer & Robert Gunn, Casper

May 11, 2008

*Boy, Bayon Christopher, to Tena & Chris Curtis, Casper

*Girl, Gracie Mae, to Lana Simmons, Evansville

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