CASPER - These licenses were issued in Natrona County between Nov. 5 and Nov. 9, 2004.

*Reid Wayne Foley and Amanda May Cole

*Dwight Eugene Rosene and Patricia Ann Halliday

*Joseph Austin Wiss and Misty Autumn Sexton

*James Jason Dawson and Melanie Rae Miller

*Lee Wayne Bloxom and Deborah Darlene Horton

*Kyle James Olson and Theresa Lynn McCurdy

*Craig Steven Brandon and Diane Adell Clark

*Carl Edward Jones Jr., and Susan Watson Haga

*John Kenneth Erickson Jr., and Maria Estrellita Mag-Isa Briones

*Daniel Lamot Daily and Brenda Renee Gilmore

*Matthew Gary Nelson and Devin Ashley Bond

*Douglas Michael Matthews II and Rebecca Jane Fringer


CASPER - These were granted in Natrona County between Nov. 5 and Nov. 8, 2004.

*Andrea R. Rizzotto (maiden name of Rostad restored) v. Scott I. Rizzotto

*Rachel Reedy (name of Sheets restored) v. Daniel Reedy Jr.

*Laurilyn Lindhorst Vialpando (name of Larilyn Balfour Lindhorst restored) v. Robert Joseph Vialpando

*April Ann Holt v. Bradford Lee Holt

*Patricia Elizabeth Ruonavar v. Timothy Mark Ruonavar

*Tola Faye Speicher (name of Ernst restored) v. Brian Davie Speicher


CASPER - These were recorded at Wyoming Medical Center.

October 29, 2004

*Girl to Jessica Macias & Nathan Costalez, Sr., Casper. Child's name: Aaliyah Ann Marie

October 30, 2004

*Boy to Sher & Hampton O'Neill, Casper. Child's name: Riley Cade

October 31, 2004

*Girl to Tiffany & John Larson, Casper. Child's name: Brandi Anae

November 1, 2004

*Boy to Jessica & Everett Anderson. Child's name: Hayden Joseph.

*Boy to Holly Golden, Casper. Child's name: Jonah Brendan

*Girl to Lonna & Jason Harvard, Casper. Child's name: Kelsey Reece

*Boy to Chelsey & Joshua Sullivan, Casper. Child's name: Jacob Dolan

November 2, 2004

*Boy to Aimee & J.T. Walsh, Laramie. Child's name: Booker McCray

November 3, 2004

*Boy to Alyssa & Colt Adams, Casper. Child's name: Edward Liam

*Girl to Brandi Banks & Manuel Vigil, Casper. Child's name: Lauren Paige

*Boy to Mary McCormick, Casper. Child's name: Morgan John-Martin

*Girl to Megan Vincent, Casper. Child's name: Allison Kaye

November 5, 2004

*Boy to Samantha & Jimmy Jerrell, Casper. Child's name: Jimmy Christopher, Jr.

*Girl to Stephanie & Cameron Leaf, Casper. Child's name: Myrna Grace

*Girl to Julie & Kenny Virden, Casper. Child's name: Harlee Jean

November 6, 2004

*Girl to Tanya Burch & Justin McNeil, Casper. Child's name: Tracy Lynn

November 7, 2004

*Boy to Karma & Steven Johnson, Casper. Child's name: Omar Daquan

*Girl to Lea Rossin, Mills. Child's name: Lilyan Autumn

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