CASPER - These licenses were issued in Natrona County.

*Louis Raymond Konkler and Sarah Jane Seemiller

*Peter Sean White and Stacy Jo White

*Juan Ramos Aguilar and Gabriela Bravo

*Daniel Hayze Ozanne and Kelley Jo Barker

*Daniel William Short and Elizabeth Yownah Marie Watson

*Jeffery Lynn Spivey and Jennifer Joy Baldwin

*Edward Donald Thompson and Elizabeth Leigh Riedlinger

*Martin Jay Weingardt and Kristen Suzanne Notestine

*Norman Howard Wenger and Ann Marie Lyon

*Benjamin David Amirault and Brya Louise Lynn Huffer

*Benjamin Laurence Scherling and Elizabeth Clare Bennett

*Charles Lindberg Wutsch Jr., and Christine Alice Richardson

*Jimmy Phillip Taylor III and Elizabeth Charlene Cowdery

*Dale Dean Holmes and Joan Beth Covington

*Christopher Mark McAtee and Summer Collins Richardson

*Jared James Tuma and Kati Jo Bonnel

*Alan H. Slomchinski and Jennifer Nichole McCoin

*Nathan Scott Plume and Tanya Rose Lopez

*Juble Casey Lok and Jenny Rae Lantgen

*Jason Olof Sjolin and Jennifer Michelle Poot

*Shane Everett Sternberg and Valerie Ann Walters


CASPER - These were granted in Natrona County.

*Michael D. Hendershot v. Heidi Hendershot

*Walter Neal Williams v. Diane Robinson-Williams

*Timothy J. Hammerschmitt v. Toni Rae Hammerschmitt

*Amher Lynne Williams v. Gerald Eugene Williams

*Tim L. Haid v. Samantha L. Haid

*Ashley L. Glenn v. Dustin B. Glenn

*Kerri Dovala v. Brett D. Dovala

*Bonnie L. Byer v. Douglas B. Byer

*Tami Ann Bunner v. Lane Kenneth Bunner

*Dean Scoggin v. Lisa Scoggin

*Shayann Jeanell Bunton v. Jan Patrick Bunton

*Amanda M. Brown v. Dean A. Brown

*Martha L. Frederick v. Donald G. Frederick

*Laura Jo McConnell v. Keith Allen McConnell


CASPER - These were recorded at Wyoming Medical Center.

September 2, 2008

*Girl, Jaydakay Rose, to Amberlee Albright, Casper

*Girl, Rachel Elaine, to Amanda & Jansen Bagwell

*Girl, Hailey Nevaeh, to Ashley & Eddie Davis, Casper

September 3, 2008

*Girl, Alivia Ann, to Kerry Carr & Mason Hunt

*Girl, Izobel Bowie, to Addey & Steven Lloyd, Casper

*Boy, William Andrew, to Michelle & Craig Miles, Casper

*Girl, Zanadu Lynn, to Daniele & Tyler Nice, Casper

*Boy, Everett Andrew, to Courtney & Christopher Thomas, Casper

September 4, 2008

*Girl, Jos Marlene, to Cathy & Chad Berens, Casper

*Girl, Savannah P. to Samantha & Craig Eutsler, Casper

*Girl, Toney Calysta, to Tesha & Joseph Gore, Evansville

*Girl, Taitum, to Jilian & Tait Helmey, Glenrock

*Boy, Jace Franklin, to Jenifer & Sean Lijewski, Casper

*Boy, Juan Jose, Jr., to Niurka Reyes & Juan Morales, Casper

*Boy, Travis Jacob, to Kristan Wagner & Tom Mosteller, Casper

*Boy, Ryker Charles, to Trenille & Morgan Young, Casper

September 5, 2008

*Girl, Taylor Ann-Marie, to Jessica & Leon Browder

*Boy, Celtin Reign, to Amanda & Daniel Donavan, Casper

*Girl, Nathalie Evangelyne, to Erika Guerra & Hector Martinez, Casper

*Girl, Sofia Rae, to Debbie & Joseph Martinez, Casper

September 6, 2008

*Girl, Kareya Dawn, to Christina Brite & James Ragan, Casper

*Boy, Clay Michael, to Jennifer & Matt Keating, Casper

*Boy, Dylan Richard, to Casey & Ryan Robberson, Casper

*Boy, William Alexander, to Luz & Royce Thompson, Glenrock

September 8, 2008

*Girl, Addyson Paige, to Mary & Matt Rodrick, Casper

*Boy, Shane Allen, to Priscilla & Shane Shurter, Casper

*Boy, Shannon James, to Kelly Cooley & Michael Baragar, Casper

*Boy, Benjamin Alan, to Abbey & Alan Swanson, Casper

September 9, 2008

*Girl, Madalyn Emily, to Theresa & Albert Asti, III, Bar Nunn

September 10, 2008

*Boy, Angelo, to Angela Anaya, Gillette

*Boy, Rojelio Javier-Andres, to Gabriella Arriaga, Casper

*Boy, Zacarias Allan, to Heidi McKenna, Casper

*Boy, Grady Evan, to Marcia & Neal Neumiller, Casper

September 11, 2008

*Girl, Kayleigh Nicole, to Tracey & Scott Coziahr

*Girl, Reese Payton, to Ashley Moens & Robert Hicks

September 12, 2008

*Girl, Rebecca Marie, to Anastasia & Aaron Baker

September 13, 2008

*Girl, Madison Marie, to Candice Fisk, Casper

September 14, 2008

*Boy, Robert O., III, to Michelle & Robert Arthur, Jr., Casper

September 15, 2008

*Boy, Max, to Cristy Dicklich-Cobb & Jim Cobb, Casper

*Boy, Guillermo Gonzalez, to Kandi Tilton, Casper

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