CASPER - These licenses were issued in Natrona County between Oct. 10 and Oct. 16, 2007.

*Kasey William Ford and Ali Eileen Narloch

*Patrick Wayne Kinser and Jennifer Danielle Williams

*Joseph Jay Pullum-Martinez and April Megan Skelton

*David Thomas Clabaugh and Melanie Nichole Soper

*James Michael Pasley and Greta Naomi Dennis

*Benjamin Edward Whitney and Sallie Shows

*Gilbert J.C. Casias Sr., and Lola Ruth Ann Wilson

*Randy Craig Harris and Brittani Nichole Frazier


CASPER - These were granted in Natrona County.

*Bonnie Jean Bell v. Brad Edward Bell

*Bertha Rebecca Stansell v. Richard Gregory Stansell

*Ernest Dean Gamble v. Irina Nickolaevna Gamble

*Constance M. Goad v. Michael V. Goad

*Darbi Michelle Love v. David James Loves

*Heather Hobza v. Gordon Scott Hobza

*Claus Raymond Bouska v. Misty Marie Bouska

*Kimberly Neese v. Paul Neese

*Hope Elizabeth Deatherage v. James Gordon Deatherage

*Megan Lester v. Raymond Lester


CASPER - These were recorded at Wyoming Medical Center.

August 1, 2007

*Girl, Caternida Margie-Chan, to Samath Yann & Corey Bock, Casper

October 8, 2007

*Boy, Dustin Xzavier, to Leena & Dustin Briggs, Casper

*Girl, Mayleigh Cirie, to Krystle & Ryan McIntyre, Casper

*Girl, Breonna Roberta, to Jennifer & Davy Rayner, Casper

October 9, 2007

*Boy, Gabriel Isiah, to Amber Campos & Dustin Strzesak, Casper

*Boy, Logan Edmund, to Rosemarie Carney & John Heisey, Casper

*Boy, Cameron James, to Christine & James Ritchie, Casper

October 10, 2007

*Boy, Jacob Daniel, to Lisa & Dan Scott, Casper

*Boy, Lucas Isaac, to Shannon Sierra & Eric Lund, Casper

October 11, 2007

*Girl, Oluwabumi Sade, to Betty & Kayode Busari, Casper

October 12, 2007

*Girl, Lindsey Kathryn, to Amanda & Jansen Bagwell, Casper

October 14, 2007

*Girl, Chloe Mae, to Markie Jensen, Evansville

*Boy, Dylan Lucas, to Danielle Nacy & Nathan Sanborn, Casper

*Girl, Hannah Nicole, to Hollie & Noah Wilmes, Casper

October 15, 2007

*Girl, Angelina Elizabeth, to Ashley & Josh Hill, Casper

*Boy, Gabriel Scott, to Shawna & Chris Trujillo, Casper

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