" target="_blank">The Toronto Star's article on shuffling conferences and divisions was solid - a good, easy-to-digest piece on a problem facing the league with the return of the Winnipeg Jets.

A graphic to accompany it was duck soup. Show fans, on a map, where teams would fall in the different options with logos, labels and borders.

The first version, shown with this blog post and posted online about 1 p.m. on Tuesday, showed the Colorado Avalanche in Wyoming and Denver somewhere near the Powder River. After some!/search/Wyoming%20Toronto%20Colorado" target= "_blank">Twitter traffic (and perhaps a few calls from Colorado), the graphic was fixed by the folks in Toronto about 90 minutes later.

I've had mistakes like that and don't envy the eyes that missed the geography test.

Upside: Toronto will probably get another shot at it when the Coyotes leave Phoenix after next season.

Downside: Once the boulder starts rolling..." target="_blank">Someone doing work for Microsoft appears to have the same issue.

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