As I've said all along, the Wyoming coaching search is continuing on into March Madness. The firing of Heath Schroyer came more as a result of the midseason evaluation than it was to hurry up and get an inside track on finding a coach.

And the process seems to be progressing, at least viewing from the outside looking in, with the addition of more candidates.

Reports that Ernie Kent is on Wyoming's list are indeed true, but he may not be the only addition to the original lists that have been posed throughout the entire process.

I'll obviously continue to work to uproot some of those names, but don't be surprised if others are added.

That said, some from the original list are still out there. While some have reported decreasing interest from St. John's assistant Mike Dunlap, Kansas assistant and former East Carolina head coach Joe Dooley and Florida assistant Larry Shyatt are still amongst the candidates. That said, they are all also part of teams that some folks have making Final Four runs in their brackets, so it could be a bit before they are interviewed, if they are interviewed.

Kent is an interesting addition. The former Oregon coach has plenty of Division I experience, but when you coach that long, you're almost certain to have some skeletons in the closet. In talking to some folks, it appears Kent isn't immune to that.

While here, I might as well attempt to address some of the Billy Gillispie talk. Many fans seem angry that Gillispie wasn't signed, sealed and delivered given the few-week head start in the search. It appears Gillispie will get a shot somewhere.

While some are arguing that UW athletics director Tom Burman should have made the move, a source close to the situation has told me that Parker Executive Search, the search firm UW is using, wouldn't place Gillispie with a school that they are working with. The source also said that some of UW's high-end donors made it clear they would consider pulling funds -- amounts totalling six figures -- if Gillispie was hired.

Given that Gillispie is rumored to be looking into possibilities with teams in major conferences, it appears that the hiring of Gillispie simply wasn't in the cards for a number of reasons.

For now, we continue to play the waiting game, waiting for teams to bow out of postseason play so UW can take a closer look.

Stay tuned here for more, but don't expect any hiring news/major announcements until after this first weekend of the postseason -- at the earliest.



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