German product Oliver Schober turned heads early on when he came to Wyoming a year ago. Now, one of the players he helped bring over to join him may be the surprise of the spring.

Mark Nzeocha, a 21-year-old freshman who arrived in Laramie in January, opened camp as a No. 3 safety on the depth chart, but worked with the top corps of linebackers in Saturday's scrimmage.

"He certainly has established himself as a starting outside linebacker," UW coach Dave Christensen told me after today's spring practice.

Read more about Nzeocha and the growing number of German products in Wednesday's Star-Tribune.

-- In tomorrow's Star-Tribune, I'll have a story on running back Brandon Miller, who shouldered some of the load in the scrimmage on Saturday after earning a scholarship in the offseason.

-- Christensen offered up his opinion of that scrimmage for the first time after seeing film: "I thought the quarterbacks managed the offense well, protected the football. Defensively, we got some pressure at times, which was good. I thought our first defense played well the first three or four series. We gave up a couple big plays, have got to eliminate that. Too many penalties."

Christensen didn't single out too many players, but the one he talked about most was Sam Stratton, the quarterback-turned-wide receiver who caught seven balls.

-- Christensen said that the Pokes could play 20 players that might contribute on defense next year.

-- He also said a couple guys got banged up in the scrimmage, but nothing major.

-- The defense won another close scrimmage.

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