I didn’t swap USC and Alabama last week because both teams won big. But USC only beat unranked Syracuse 42-29 Saturday. Picky, yes. But Alabama has done no wrong this year. The Crimson Tide rolled Western Kentucky 35-0.

LSU jumps above the Trojans for the same reason. Washington is a good team. And the Huskies got punished by the Tigers 41-3.

S-E-C! S-E-C! Not so fast.

Arkansas lost in overtime to Louisiana-Monroe, a team that was 30.5-point underdogs. The Razorbacks took a tumble in my poll. Louisiana-Monroe plays Auburn next. Hard to deny the Warhawks if they win that game.

Oklahoma State is out. Could have justified putting the team that beat the Cowboys, Arizona, in.

Baylor, BYU and Ohio are close to. Maybe next week.

Tennessee and Notre Dame are newcomers.


01) Alabama (Up 1)

02) LSU (Up 1)

03) USC (Down 2)

04) Oregon

05) Oklahoma

06) Florida State

07) Georgia (Up 1)

08) West Virginia (Up 1)

09) South Carolina (Up 1)

10) Michigan State (Up 1)

11) TCU (Up 3)

12) Ohio State (Up 3)

13) Clemson (Up 3)

14) Texas (Up 3)

15) Stanford (Up 5)

16) Kansas State (Up 5)

17) Arkansas (Down 10)

18) Michigan

19) Virginia Tech (Up 3)

20) Nebraska (Down 7)

21) Louisville (Up 2)

22) Florida (Up 3)

23) Tennessee (new)

24) Boise State

25) Notre Dame (new)

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